wishful thinking

When Yonghwa went to Busan for holiday last summer, there were reports of him playing basketball with strangers. One of the highschoolers actually posted on his DC Gallery about the encounter. Then many months later in Korean media interviews, Yonghwa expressed his interest in doing a sports drama if there’s the opportunity.

IMG_0004(the fnc vol.3)

But we know he isn’t doing a sports drama, one about TV network instead. In 2011 June, CNBLUE held a fanclub event in Japan. There was this question during the talk time. Each of the members was asked if he won a lottery of a hundred million yen, what he’d do with the money. Yonghwa said he would make a broadcast station to let bands play live. (But he added jokingly that bands better than them should not be allowed to play.)

IMG_0001(J fanclub event 2011.06.03)

Did he remember this answer he gave reading the script of Choice of Future? It’s wish come true in a way? And some Yonghwa fans’ wish really came true. When they saw a news photo of Yonghwa sitting next to Yoon Eunhye in a public event, they said the two would look good together in a drama.

Guess I should wish more . . .

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