Chapter 4: He has battles to fight too

Kim Shin shouts his lame speech: romantic relationship within the team is a no-no. Seju says Kim Shin is obviously louder than them, in terms of disturbing anybody around. He notices Kim Shin’s overreaction. And Mirae’s eyes when talking to Kim Shin.

Seju04 (1)Seju04 (2)

As Mirae has done a decent job, the team leader announces she’s officially in. Only Seju is sincerely happy about this.Seju04 (3) Writer Bae actually disagrees. She gives Mirae one week to prove herself. So Seju pushes Mirae to say something to Writer Bae.Seju04 (4)Seju goes for a drink after work. So does Yukyung.

Seju04 (5) Both are surprised.Seju04 (6)But Yukyung is more surprised. This place seems too expensive for a VJ. Seju04 (7)Seju04 (8) She’s interested in what Seju’s working on. He’s helping Mirae with work. Yukyung says Seju should help her too. She’s a bit nervous after the long break. She’s also a team member.Seju04 (9)When Seju is leaving and asks for the check, he’s told Yukyung has paid for him.

Seju04 (10)Yukyung explains why she did that. A VJ shouldn’t spend that kind of money. He shouldn’t waste his parents’ money like that even if they’re rich. Seju04 (11)When Yukyung finds out he’s had three most expensive drinks on the menu. She regrets it and calls him crazy. Seju tells her to cancel the payment. Yukyung says no but she still complains. Seju says he’ll treat her udon to repay her. She’s even more furious. Just udon? Seju04 (12) Seju04 (13) Seju04 (14) Seju04 (15)But it’s an expensive Japanese restaurant. “Do you know the menu starts with 15,000 won items?” “We’re going to have 25,000 won ones.”

Seju04 (16) Yukyung gives him advice again. Working in a TV network doesn’t mean he can live like a celebrity. He’s just a VJ, at the ground level. At this rate, he may need to borrow from the loan sharks in no time.Seju04 (17)But Seju is paying more attention to her busy hands then her words. She pours her water, wipes a pair chopsticks, arranges everything nicely on the table for him. Seju04 (18) Seju04 (19) Seju04 (20) Out of the blue, Seju says, “Don’t do this anymore.”Seju04 (21) Seju04 (22)Yukyung sort of explains why. And everybody else does that, not just her. Seju04 (23) Seju04 (24) Seju04 (25) “I’m speaking as a human being to another. It doesn’t matter one of us is a woman.”Seju04 (26)And Seju says how he sees her as a good reporter. She shines too, as much as the others. Seju04 (27) Seju04 (28)Then Seju puts the chopsticks and spoon that Yukyung has laid on his side to Yukyung’s side. He takes his own. Seju04 (29) “I must have gone crazy.” Yukyung becomes all teary. Seju then gives her a tissue. Seju04 (30) Seju04 (31) Seju04 (32)It’s breakfast time. Mirae’s busy writing. But she’s kind of stuck.

Seju04 (33) Seju04 (34) She gets frustrated and acts crazy. Two school girls pass by and stare at her. She yells at them, making a scene.  Seju04 (36)Seju tries to stop her. He can’t until he shouts her name, “Na Mirae!”Seju04 (35) So he sits closer to help. Here comes Kim Shin. He’s just had breakfast, with Yukyung.Seju04 (37) He accuses Seju of neglecting his own work helping Mirae all the time.Seju04 (38)But Seju lists out all the things he’s finished already, well before airing time. Seju04 (39)The team heard about the layoff. Everybody is worried.

Seju04 (40) Seju04 (41) Seju goes to his grandma’s office, asking her to change her mind. Seju explains there isn’t even enough manpower at the moment. His grandmother blames him for not caring about the hotel. The hotel is the core business of their enterprise. But Seju argues that if the TV program quality goes down, the whole ship will sink too. Granny thinks there are unnecessary employees . . . She should have listened to that fortune teller that time . . . Seju04 (42) Seju04 (43) Seju hates it most whenever his granny mentions the fortune teller.Seju04 (44) When Granny says the writers are redundant, their work should be left to the PDs, Seju calls her ignorant. “That’s how you run the network all this time?” “How dare you?” “That’s why I need to work from the bottom, to know how everything works. So I won’t be like Grandma.”

Granny sees his caring the network so much, so she suggests his taking over her position starting from today. He can decide everything, even “play around” with everybody. He just have to make sure there’s no deficit. But Seju says he can’t start now.Seju04 (45)Granny asks him to shut up. He has no right asking anything from her; if he’s just a VJ. Seju04 (46) Seju04 (47) He loses.Seju04 (48a)Seju04 (48)Miranda inspection time. Seju signals her to take off the shades. But she doesn’t want to.Seju04 (49) Seju04 (50) Seju04 (51) Time for a little game. Miranda acts all surprised and praises Seju for having this special aura.Seju04 (52)“What do your parents do?” “Just an average family.” Seju04 (53) Seju04 (54) But Seju doesn’t want her to play for too long. They have a broadcast due.Seju04 (55) Seju watches his grandma being manipulated by Kim Shin.Seju04 (56) Seju04 (57) What do those eyes mean?Seju04 (58)Seju is at home watching the morning show. Granny wakes up early too.Seju04 (59) Seju doesn’t like it. His grandma doesn’t even blink knowing Kim Shin is interviewing a fortune teller.Seju04 (60)But Seju can’t help staring too. He knows that woman. She works in the network building. Seju04 (61) Seju04 (62) Granny is even more interested when it looks like Old Mirae knows her skills. She got everything right.Seju04 (63) Seju04 (64) Seju04 (66) Mirae calls. It seems there’s trouble.Seju04 (67)He zooms out to save . . .

7 thoughts on “Chapter 4: He has battles to fight too

  1. Every week, I look forward to the broadcast and then your recap. Thank you so much for doing this! I must say, this drama has given us so many close-ups of yonghwa’s beautiful hands. Me likey! =)

  2. After the OTT dramatic histronics in Ep 4 (thought the scene between anchorman vs grandma was contrived and the ‘suspense’ in the last anchorman vs FMR overly dramatic), any scene with Seju is such a relief… even his burst of anger at grandma… Yong Hwa brings a calmness to the scene, someone who is at least sane while everyone around is all frantic… And your posts truly capture that essence.

    Not saying this because I am a fangirl, but if there’s one thing I appreciate about Yong Hwa as an actor, both in HS and this show… he somehow allows his scenes to breathe… creates moments that we can just savor for its beauty and simplicity… I can imagine he’ll do well in some of the indie movies with a slower pace where we are meant to just sit back and let the storyline flow. Hope he gets that opportunity one day.

    In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to your posts!

  3. i like this drama but out of all the cast personally yonghwa/sejoo is the best storyline. strong character and consistent, second maybe yookyung. shin however for me is little mess….

    just saying…

    great recap by the way

  4. I watched this drama from the beginning to end for 4 episodes but I can’t take it anymore – I’m frustrated with the way FMirae is acting and I’m not ‘getting’ Kim Shin. Fangirl or not, from now on, it’s going to be purely just for YH. Seju’s handsome face notwithstanding, his seems to be one of the better written characters in this really odd drama. So thank you, k, for your beautiful recaps of YH and the simple words. My favourite in this chapter..

    “I’m speaking as a human being to another. It doesn’t matter one of us is a woman.” I’m swooning. His exact words or were they yours? Either way, I love his character for it.

    • Thank you for coming to spazz.

      That’s how I do the recap:
      1. watch the Chin-subbed version,
      2. cap from HD video
      3. write. choppily. and the dialogues are from my fresh memory, not word-to-word translations but I try to keep the meanings.

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