Chapter 5: Who disturbed his universe?

Kim Shin asks why Seju comes when it’s his day off. “I come to see someone.”

Seju 05 (1) “By the way . . . nothing.” Then Seju says goodbye.Seju 05 (2)He doesn’t know Kim Shin is waiting to see Mirae too. He calls Mirae, telling her he’s waiting for her at the West Gate. (Kim Shin is waiting outside the East Gate.) Seju 05 (3)Anxious . . . Seju 05 (4) Seju 05 (5) Longing . . .Seju 05 (6) Happy!Seju 05 (7)But Mirae doesn’t look exactly happy. Seju thinks she’s bothered by the mess that Old Mirae caused in the broadcast. Seju 05 (8)He doesn’t know Mirae is bothered by the choice she’s just made herself. Ugh! Seju 05 (9) Seju 05 (10)Seju repeats that he’s more than happy to give her a ride as she looks so tired already. Mirae insists on taking the bus. Seju 05 (11) Seju’s happy face. Because Mirae suggests going to the amusement park tomorrow as both of them need not work.Seju 05 (12) Seju 05 (13) He almost wants to hide his happiness. But from whom? Seju 05 (14) Seju 05 (15) Seju 05 (16)Nobody’s around. He smiles. Seju 05 (17)Rainy day. But it’s all sunshine in Seju’s heart.

Seju 05 (18)Mirae apologizes for needing Seju to pick her up. Seju says he’s nothing to do anyway. He’s been spending his off duty day just sleeping and watching films. “Films? What kind of films?” “Oh, it’s a short film, which I made myself.” “Seju-si even makes films? How cool!” Seju 05 (19) Seju 05 (20)Seju explains it’s his graduation project studying in the American film school. Now when he watches it again, he finds it embarrassing. It’s so shallow.  Seju 05 (21) Seju 05 (22) But Mirae wants to see it. “No.” “Why not?” Seju 05 (23) Seju 05 (24) But the amusement park is closed because of the bad weather. Seju suggests going to the movies instead. Mirae says there’s nothing in the theaters that she wants to see. She really wants to see Seju’s short film.Seju 05 (25) Seju 05 (26) Seju calls his personal secretary and demands her to prepare him a “shabby” apartment. Within 30 minutes. “Brings that film I made for graduation too.”Seju 05 (27) Seju 05 (28) Go, Seju, go!Seju 05 (29) Mirae admires his place being nice. All these appliances. Maybe she suspects something already.Seju 05 (30) Mirae needs to go to the bathroom. Seju guesses right. *phew*Seju 05 (31) But how to explain that standing lamp? “This . . . I don’t like being in the dark.”Seju 05 (32)So Seju quickly has himself get familiar with the things of his fake home in that few minutes. Seju 05 (33) Seju 05 (34) Seju 05 (35) “Seju-si, you shouldn’t leave your laundry undone like that. The clothes will get all spoiled.” “Just leave them to me.” . . .Seju 05 (36)“We should just watch the film.” Seju 05 (37)“It must be boring.” “No. Very interesting.”Seju 05 (38) Seju 05 (39)“Especially this scene. I was so bashed. I wrote in the script: Guy. Crying with his back. The professor asked if my eyes, nose and mouth grew on my back too. My classmates were also . . . ” Seju 05 (40) Seju 05 (41) But Mirae is so concentrated. Seju moves his hand in front of her eyes. Mirae grabs Seju’s hand. “Just let me watch.”Seju 05 (42) So Seju holds her hand a bit more.Seju 05 (43) Seju 05 (44) Seju 05 (45)She moves away and points to the screen instead. “This is really touching. That person has high status in the society, but he seems so hurt in the inside. I can feel it. The person’s heart. That’s really him crying with his back. So beautiful.” Seju 05 (46) Seju 05 (47) Seju touches her lip. But she withdraws. *sigh*Seju 05 (48)“There’s something.” Seju 05 (49)Awkward. Mirae. Seju 05 (50) Seju 05 (51)Mirae’s hungry. But she doesn’t want to stay for dinner with Seju. Staying in a single man’s place so late isn’t that convenient. Seju is happy that Mirae implies he’s not just a friend. He’s a man to her. Seju 05 (52) Seju 05 (53) Seju 05 (54) So Seju becomes brave and asks when he can see her again. Outside, not in the work place. The next time when they have day offs. OK.Seju 05 (55) Seju 05 (56)Maybe his heart is racing? He almost sighs. With relief. Seju 05 (57) Seju 05 (58) Seju 05 (59) Seju 05 (60) When Mirae’s out of sight, he calls his secretary, appreciating what she’s prepared. He asks her to see if it’s possible to arrange for a off day for the Morning Show every week . . . “Never mind. Forget what I just said.”Seju 05 (61)He takes a deep breath.  Seju 05 (62)Seju arrives at the bar. Of course he doesn’t know Yukyung has been waiting for him. To be exact, thinking about him the whole day.Seju 05 (63) Seju thinks it must be Yukyung just comes too often, if not he won’t be bumping into her every time. Yukyung says they can meet each other so randomly, may be chances can add up and become . . . “Fate? I don’t believe in such things.”Seju 05 (64)Change subject. What’s been Seju doing today? Yukyung is soooo disappointed to hear he’s been with Mirae. But she compliments Mirae, “She’s really cute.” “I find her a very carefree person.” Seju 05 (65)Yukyung casually responds that she herself feels very free too, and adds that Seju looks like a free person as well. “No. I’m a very rigid person. Though I’m forced to act this way, it doesn’t mean I didn’t choose to abide myself.” Seju 05 (66) Seju 05 (67) “I absolutely don’t like adventures.”Seju 05 (68) Seju 05 (69)“Don’t you think she has great determination about her own life?” Seju 05 (70) Seju 05 (71) And I didn’t meet her the first time in the TV station . . . Out of the ten plus editing rooms, she entered my room . . .Seju 05 (72) Seju 05 (73) Is he talking about FATE?

Seju 05 (74)Via an internal broadcast, Miranda announces the punishments for all the members of Morning Team 3.

Seju 05 (75) Seju 05 (76) Seju 05 (77) Seju wants to talk to his grandma. But he’s stopped at the elevator.Seju 05 (78)Miranda has given the guards instructions. “Does it mean I can’t even go home now?” Seju 05 (79) “Grandma is so . . . “Seju 05 (80) Seju 05 (81) Seju 05 (82) Seju really can’t go home? Or prefers his fake home now?Seju 05 (83) Seju 05 (84) “I’m so sorry, Mirae-si.” She has worked so hard to have the job finally but the morning show will be canceled. Mirae doesn’t feel too bad for she still has options. She can even enroll on courses to better equip herself. And it’s not Seju’s fault, he shouldn’t apologize.Seju 05 (85)“But still. In the future. I’ll wait for you. Mirae-si.” Seju 05 (86) Seju 05 (87)

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Who disturbed his universe?

  1. It seems that Seju is attracted to Mirae because he is fascinated by her care-free spirit. He is not free himself, limited in his options by his background. But he has a creative mind (he makes very artistic movies) and feels restrained by his responsibilities as a chaebol. It is hard to say whether he is attracted to her as a person or to her way of living. I hope it’s the latter, because it would make it easier for him to get over her if he is rejected. kudos to the writer for creating this complex and very realistic character.

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