Chapter 6: His power

The whole team is at lost what to do with Old Mirae’s seems-so-accurate prediction of a coming disaster in the subway station. They are arguing how to save people, catch the lunatic . . .

Seju 06 (1)Seju deliberately drops a video cassette tape to get everybody’s attention. “What about using our broadcast?” The team isn’t enthusiastic at his idea.

Seju 06 (2)But Seju calls Yukyung who’s outside and asks her to go ask for permission of live broadcast. He says Yukyung can use some aeygo attacks.

Seju 06 (3)Kim Shin eavesdrops that and calls Seju not knowing things about real life. He’s just naive to go along that line.

Seju 06 (4)

Seju 06 (5)

Seju 06 (6)

Seju 06 (7)“So do you have another plan, main anchor Kim?”

Seju 06 (8)Actually Seju has someone contacted the subway station personnel. He receives the message that the necessary liaison has been made.

Seju 06 (9)

Seju 06 (10)

Seju 06 (11)

The team is surprised to know Yukyung didn’t have to ask at all. Nobody cares to know why except Kim Shin. “What have you done?”

Seju 06 (13)Leader Na has everybody’s attention back to the preparation for broadcast.

Seju 06 (14)Kim Shin still wants to know.

Seju 06 (15)“The people you know, how high are their places?” “The Himalayas. Please don’t care about that. Isn’t it a good thing? We can save people and we have a program. We may raise the rating too.”

Seju 06 (16)Kim Shin complains why Seju even cares about ratings when it’s a matter of human lives. Seju reminds him they’re a commercial network. Ratings are the basics.

Seju 06 (17)Yukyung’s shocked to hear it’s not a drill. Seju tells her it’s a secret.

Seju 06 (18)But it turns out Old Mirae doesn’t have that accurate a memory. The lunatic sets fire inside the train, not the station. Big problem. Their preparation has been all wrong and Kim Shin with Mirae are in danger.

Seju 06 (19)

Seju 06 (20)

Seju 06 (21)

Seju 06 (22)

Seju 06 (23)The team members want to help but of course are stopped. It’s dangerous inside.

Seju 06 (24)Worse news comes. The sprinklers aren’t working.

Seju 06 (25)Where are the people who should do something about it? Anyway, Seju is the hero, with Yukyung’s help.Seju 06 (26)

Seju 06 (27)

Seju 06 (28)

Seju 06 (29)“Mirae-si.”

Seju 06 (30)Seju finds Mirae. But . . .

Seju 06 (31)

Seju 06 (32)Yukyung asks Seju not to disturb them. It’s “their moment”.

Seju 06 (33)

Seju 06 (34)

Seju 06 (35)Yukyung is at a certain Chaebol’s birthday party. She’s disappointed that it’s not exciting or interesting. She wanders to a quiet corner and she sees someone. The interesting someone.

Seju 06 (36)

Seju 06 (37)

Seju 06 (38)Bells ring. She remembers Seju coming out of Miranda’s office . . . Miranda acted too friendly towards Seju at the inspection.

Seju 06 (39)From the conversation between Seju and two other rich guys who knows the birthday boy, Yukyung draws the conclusion. Park Seju is THE heir.

Seju 06 (40)

Seju 06 (41)And Seju sees Yukyung looking at him.

Seju 06 (42)She goes straight to him.

Seju 06 (43)He hesitates a bit but walks to her. Cover. No more.

Seju 06 (44)

Seju 06 (45)Yukyung asks why Seju doesn’t stay to give his congrats speech.”We need to go to our team’s party.” “Our?”

Seju 06 (46)Seju realizes that Yukyung sounds angry. He apologizes for not being honest with her. All he wants is to understand things before he inherits the network. It’s like doctors should understand the patients’ pain to do well. “You will help me keep this secret?”

Seju 06 (47)“Of course. If not I might get fired.” “It won’t happen. I’m not like that.”

Seju 06 (48)Then he asks her not to tell the team members, especially Mirae. “Why?” “If she knows I’m this kind of person, she’ll run away. She’s really the pure kind.”

Seju 06 (49)“So you mean the kind who like chaebols are not pure?”

Seju 06 (50)“I’ve seen too many women running after money.”

Seju 06 (51)It’s total silence during the car ride.

Seju 06 (52)Seju says he understands Yukyung is upset, but it’s best she can help him keep the secret . . .

Seju 06 (53)Then suddenly Yukyung acts all upbeat and speaks in banmal.

Seju 06 (54)

Seju 06 (55)Yukyung wants to talk to a chaebol in banmal for once. They are of the same age. And Seju is just a VJ.

Seju 06 (56)What Yukyung gets from this is, they talk in banmal to each other. “If you don’t do this, tomorrow . . . ” “Okay, okay, Yukyung ah.”

Seju 06 (57)When walking towards the party place, Seju sees Mirae talking on the phone.

Seju 06 (58)

Seju 06 (59)

Seju 06 (60)He wants to “pass” . . . but Mirae stops him.

Seju 06 (61)

Seju 06 (62)Seju asks about her injury.

Seju 06 (63)Mirae thanks Seju for making the sprinkler works. The conversation turns to a lighter mood. “Just because I was running around crazily and screaming for someone, now I feel all these muscle sores.”

Seju 06 (64)So Mirae gives Seju a massage. And more happy chat. (NO!!! <– me shouting)

Seju 06 (65)

10 thoughts on “Chapter 6: His power

  1. I’ll shout NO with you! Have not watched this with subs but love your recaps as usual. Yong Hwa looked so good during the sprinkler scene, maybe he should do an action movie next!

    I’m really warming up to Yu Kyung and can’t wait to see how their relationship develops! Thanks for your beautiful caps!

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t like how MR is stringing Seju along when she is obviously more interested in Kim Shin? I wish Seju will move on from her and take notice of YooKyung. I feel like this is the only safe place I could vent about the way MR is treating SJ. People everywhere else is putting her on a pedestal and not calling her out on her actions. I don’t want to see SJ hurt. =(

    • Of course you are not alone. Seju needs to wake up; Mirae has made her choice. And Mirae needs to let Seju know she’s chosen Kim Shin. Seju has been very frank in terms of showing Mirae his affections. I’m fine with Mirae preferring another guy who hasn’t been that honest with his own feelings towards her. But she has no right to hurt Seju. Been thinking about the confession scene in the preview, I like how Seju is pushing her. She’d better tell him she doesn’t love him. I can’t think of any excuse for her acting otherwise!

      • If he really confesses (we all know how preview can be misleading sometimes), Mirae better fess up about how she really feels. It’s not her fault that there are two guys vying for her affection and it’s ok to be drawn to someone other than Seju. But to encourage and lead someone on is just wrong. I’m so sick of lead females playing the “I’m so pure and cutely naive, I didn’t think that’s how you felt about me” card. She’s got to be really dense if she doesn’t realize how Seju feels about her by now. *End rant* On the other hand, I like how Seju is upfront about h

      • *oopps post too long* ~about his feelings and is prepared to take action to pursue. Very manly! =)

  3. I hope Seju forgets Mirae and looks at Yookyung instead. Can’t bear to see him heartbroken. I like the way yookyung is falling for Seju. And I hope Seju snaps out of pining for Mirae and focus on being the power chaebol that he is. Show your awesomeness to those people, Seju!

    • But now Yoo Kyung is effectively friend-zoned! How can she prove to him that she’s not after his money. We know she’s not but he doesn’t. He is weary of women going after his wealth and probably doesn’t have much trust in them. His opening scene in ep.1 was there in order to set up this particular storyline. In the original future they fell in love with each other while he was still undercover. So, he knew that she was in love with him and not with his status. But now…How is she going to convince him, assuming his relationship with Mirae doesn’t work out. What a mess! Yoo Kyung, please, find a way! I’m rooting for you!

  4. I really love this episode… Seju is so human whilst YooKyung shows her understanding!!! I do feel that Seju and Yookyung should go together. At least, their social lifestyle appears a bit in common, eg. going to nightclub. Chaebol Seju with Mirae is less convincing to me as Mirae seems too “naive”.
    Anyway, my bias… Don’t hurt Seju.

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