I dare to care about him MORE, if not only

Seju07prevMessing with the past to amend the future is dangerous, according to the novels and films I’ve read and watched.

Old Mirae traveled back in time to advise her younger self on her life choices. She didn’t expect it’s not that easy to manipulate her younger self? The harder she stops Mirae from getting close to Kim Shin, the fonder she feels towards him instead. In the mean time, Kim Shin is becoming a better person . . .

Whether it’s justifiable for a particular individual to go back in time to amend his/her own “mistakes” is one thing, not caring the least if the action will affect other people is so inappropriate. What has Yukyung done to Mirae in the alternative past that made Old Mirae hate her or what? She thinks Kim Shin wasn’t even a good man for herself and she tries to match him to Yukyung? And I care most about Seju, not just because Yonghwa is playing the character. Seju is such a GOOD person. The writer needs to be fair if she gives Mirae and Kim Shin better alternative lives. I’d HATE her if she dares to “balance things out”, say make Seju a less lovable person because of the unnecessary heartbreak he’ll experience.

In the last time travel novel I read, the heroine got back in time to kill the boy he loved. He’s the person who invented the time machine. And the world with the time machine is full of evil. She takes the pain and risks to save the WORLD.

One thought on “I dare to care about him MORE, if not only

  1. I love this post. Couldn’t agree more, the writer must be fair in sorting out Seju’s future. It worries me that they portray Seju’s character as a GOOD person right from the start. Makes me think that something awful will happen to him as the drama progresses.

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