Chapter 7: Winged Cupid seems so blind

seju07 (1)Seju and Mirae’s “moment” is disturbed by Kim Shin. He asks why they aren’t getting inside yet. Then Mirae has this phone call to answer. When Seju walks up towards the party room, Kim Shin stops him and thanks him for unlocking the water tanks. seju07 (2) Yukyung finally comes too. Her eyes can only see Seju now.seju07 (3)Taget locked. But it takes her some work. She pretends that there’s something on writer Bae’s shoulder that she needs to “take care” of so that she can secure her seat next to Seju.  seju07 (4) Writer Bae is very ready to embarrass Yukyung commenting on her hidden agenda. Seju is a bit puzzled but Yukyung acts as if she needs to assure him that she’ll keep his secret.seju07 (5) seju07 (6)Finally Mirae came. Seju gestures her to seat next to him.  seju07 (7) So does Kim Shin. Even Mirae’s brother and PD Lee say they have a place for her . . . Mirae chooses PD Lee. Yukyung wonders why all men are fighting for Mirae now.seju07 (8)The celebration mood is totally ruined by a call from some boss of the news department. They should leave the follow-up report about the subway case to the main news team. Everybody is disappointed. They lament how pointless it is to fight or work hard. Seju listens quietly. seju07 (9) seju07 (10) Kim Shin and PD Na managed to convince Miranda to give them another chance. They can have a new program if the pilot show is good enough. That’s why the team is moving office. Seju is busy like everybody else.seju07 (11) seju07 (12) Kim Shin and Mirae having some fun in the corridor of the new rooms distracts him a bit. seju07 (13) Back to work.seju07 (14) It’s Sunday. Mirae said she’ll meet Seju again during the weekends. So he calls her to come to his house for nice BBQ food.seju07 (15)Mirae says she has a date already. She’s reluctant to tell whom she’s seeing even Seju asks bluntly about that. seju07 (16) Disappointed. Lonely. But his phone rings.seju07 (17) He addresses Yukyung in formal speech. Yukyung reminds him. seju07 (18) From a friend to a friend, Yukyung asks if he wants to join her for a drink. Seju says he has something to drink in his own place already.seju07 (19)When Yukyung sees all the nice things, she asks if it’s possible that Seju has prepared all those for her. seju07 (20) seju07 (21)Seju tells her it’s for Mirae but she isn’t coming.  seju07 (22) seju07 (23) seju07 (24)He even tells her how Mirae didn’t want to say whom she’s with when asked. She must be with Kim Shin. seju07 (25)Yukyung says Mirae can be in some meeting with the team about the new program. seju07 (26) seju07 (27)Seju can’t help but refutes Yukyung’s theory. Somehow he knows PD Na is at home. seju07 (28) Yukyung knows enough now. And Seju so needs to rant to a friend. seju07 (29) seju07 (30) Seju thinks it’s totally karma. All this time he has been so cruel to the women around him. He thought the women deserved his mean words for they all wanted just his money. He’s been too arrogant, thinking, “Who in the world will turn me down? I’m Park Seju, the heir to Y G Corporation.” seju07 (31)He wonders what’s wrong this time. Is it because he’s just a VJ to Mirae? seju07 (32)Is he not a bit attractive just a VJ? Yukyung quickly reassures him that he’s very attractive. Seju thanks her for saying that, not knowing she means what she says. *sigh* seju07 (33) Seju ends the depressing talk saying he should concentrate on work instead from now on. Yukyung accuses Seju for not having done enough to win Mirae’s heart.seju07 (34) He doesn’t buy Yukyung’s suggestion in the beginning . . .seju07 (35) Must be he doesn’t want to give up himself. Or Yukyung tries hard enough …seju07 (36) seju07 (37) seju07 (38) Convinced. “Okay!”seju07 (39) Partners in crime. “Cheers.”seju07 (40)“Seju, fighting!” seju07 (41)Opposite directions. Very different thoughts. seju07 (42) Seju is staying in the fake home. He’s still mad at his grandma and talks angrily to her on the phone. It’s she who chased him away back then, why should he go home now? Grandma says she thought the misunderstanding was settled when he agreed to appear at the chaebol birthday party. He’s even angrier when she mentioned the party. It’s because of it that his cover was exposed. seju07 (43) Maybe he regularly watches the videos he edited randomly. Or he’s been looking for inspiration from romantic movies. Love Actually. Pretty Woman.seju07 (44)“I really should do something like that?” seju07 (45) Yukyung’s message comes. She asks how’s the surprise party plan going. He isn’t that sure. Mirae doesn’t seem to be the kind who likes such things.

Yukyung agrees (secretly) but she has her reasons for insisting. She calls.

seju07 (46) Her repeating all girls like surprises doesn’t work. So she resorts to being sarcastic, saying Seju can go on preparing BBQ dinner to wait for Mirae. He unlocked the water tanks heroically, just to create a romantic moment for Kim Shin and Mirae . . . Ouch.seju07 (47) Seju says he’ll do it. Just a “simple” surprise party.seju07 (48)Simple or not that simple? Yukyung herself is touched already. Seju even has some friends over to help. seju07 (49) seju07 (50)Yukyung wonders if those friends “know”. Seju says they’re friends of “the VJ.” seju07 (51) Mirae calls.seju07 (52)“Stand by!” seju07 (53)Action. seju07 (54) seju07 (55) “I don’t like doing such things actually. But I guess I should show you that I’m all serious.”seju07 (56) “Mirae-si, I like you.”seju07 (57) seju07 (58)He looks into her face, waiting for her words. seju07 (59) The party pooper Kim Shin arrives. (He’s tricked by Old Mirae to come. Old Mirae knew he has this bad temper. He would surely overreact and make Mirae hate him.)seju07 (60) Seju’s calm. The opposite of Kim Shin’s explosive rage.seju07 (61) Kim Shin wants to interview the person who asks everybody to come to witness this proposal. He must be so confident of himself. “Since when you have this great confidence?” seju07 (62)Kim Shin doesn’t bother to listen to Mirae’s trying to explain before this. Another round of insults. Then he storms off. Yukyung wants to explain too but of course Kim Shin bothers even less. And Mirae leaves to follow Kim Shin. She leaves the flowers. She leaves Seju. seju07 (63) seju07 (64) seju07 (65) seju07 (66)The bar workers and Seju’s friends are removing the decorations; Seju is drinking his sadness away.  seju07 (67) seju07 (68) His friend thinks he has no reason to look so defeated over some girl. She’s not even attractive. He will introduce a better one to Seju, someone with a baby’s face but great curves.seju07 (69) Seju says his friend can save her for himself. Because they share the same low standard . . . Wow. Seju says he should shut up and leave. He’s so blind not reading others’ minds. seju07 (70) His friends left and when Yukyung wants to comfort him, the bar tender got the call from “the woman customer who just left”. Seju is almost happy that Mirae wants to talk. But Mirae asks for Yukyung instead.seju07 (71) seju07 (72) “What she said?” “Just sorry that the party is ruined.”seju07 (73)Even more disappointed? Yukyung wants to say so much. But Seju asks to be left alone. seju07 (74) Seju proposing to Mirae . . . that image just won’t leave Kim Shin alone.seju07 (75) seju07 (76) Seju has drown himself in sadness enough. When he gets up to leave, Kim Shin calls. Kim Shin wants a talk with him.seju07 (77) Rivals in love.seju07 (78)“What I just saw . . . Na Mirae didn’t ask you to do it, did she?” “Why do you even ask such a question? Didn’t you leave with Mirae?” “She just follows me, not that I ask her.” Then Kim Shin trash-talks about Mirae. Seju is so angry. He even asks if Mirae knows Kim Shin thinks her that way. “What?” “I’d pretend I haven’t heard what you’ve just said. But please don’t ever talk about Mirae like that again.” seju07 (79) “Why do you care about Mirae so much? Who are you to care?” “A VJ. Can’t I like the same maknae writer that anchor Kim likes?”seju07 (80) seju07 (81) seju07 (82) Mirae calls and apologizes. She says she’s been thinking about what happened . . . But Seju won’t let her finish and says “later”.seju07 (83)“What did she say?” “Just sorry. That the party’s ruined.”  seju07 (84) Seju asks if Kim Shin will try it sometime. A party. Some drinks. Then brings her home. Seju so needs to stress that “his way” is different from what is in Kim Shin’s mind.seju07 (85) The offended Kim Shin calls Seju someone who lacks any experience in the workplace. It’s for Seju’s sake that he’s giving out some advice. Offending seniors of work in the real world is totally a bad idea.seju07 (86) “Workplace senior. Right, I’m a VJ.”seju07 (87) seju07 (88) “I’m not looking down upon you for being a VJ. I really think you should use some advice.” “What if . . . we exchange circumstances? If I’m someone very powerful.”seju07 (89)“How about . . . YBS CEO?” seju07 (90)

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