Chapter 9: Taking control

Seju is editing the footage of Mirae and Kim Shin in the haunted house. seju09 (1) seju09 (2)He pauses at the point when Kim Shin was about to kiss Mirae. He can’t bear to go on.seju09 (3) seju09 (4)Just at this moment, Kim Shin passes by. He asks why Seju is watching “that”.seju09 (5)

Seju says PD Lee asked him to do the editing. He comments how there are many unnecessary parts about the haunted house, deleting the Mirae and Kim Shin together scenes as he talks.seju09 (6)

Kim Shin mocks that Seju is having too much emotion working. Seju shouldn’t do it if he feels so uncomfortable. He can ask PD Lee to find someone else or he himself can do it. “You want to do it yourself? Oh, then it won’t be ‘Pandora’s Box’ but ‘Pandora’s Romance’. Anyway, good for me that I have one less thing to do. Thank you.” Then Seju leaves the editing room.seju09 (7)Seju goes to talk to old Mirae. He asks who she really is. He even asks if she’s on his side. seju09 (8)Old Mirae assures him that she’s on Seju’s side; she can totally help him with his “war”. seju09 (9)She goes on telling him how she came from the future. When she comes to the part that Kim Shin “is” his husband, Seju can’t help laughing. Again. seju09 (10)Though not believing her a bit, he asks why she “chooses” him. seju09 (11)“Great personality. High status and good eductation.” Seju cares a lot if Mirae knows he’s going to be the next YBS boss. seju09 (12) seju09 (13)Though old Mirae says no, Seju isn’t that sure. He murmurs, “No wonder she’s running away”, and wants to leave. seju09 (14)Old Mirae repeats that Mirae doesn’t know. Mirae’s wavering at the moment and Seju still has a chance. She can tell all the details about Mirae so as to help him win her heart. What she likes: interests, clothes, food . . . “The stage to get close according to interests and all is gone.” “Then other things. Whatever you find useful. I want to help.” Seju politely smiles and leaves. seju09 (15)What is Seju thinking? That’s old Mirae’s question too. seju09 (16) seju09 (17)Seju is to talk to PD Na about the haunted house video. PD Na says he can forget about it, because Mirae’s quitting and going elsewhere.seju09 (18) seju09 (19)Seju finds Mirae and asks if she’s really leaving. seju09 (20)Well, not really a question. “No! Don’t leave. Even if you go somewhere else, things can still be or even more difficult. No matter what, I really want to work with you. Don’t go, Mirae.” seju09 (21) seju09 (24) seju09 (23) seju09 (22)“Thank you. I’ve asked another person about this. He doesn’t want to tell me what to do, saying he doesn’t know. I so wanted to hear this.” Seju’s relieved but sad at the same time hearing her.seju09 (25) seju09 (26) seju09 (27)Seju and Mirae are having noodles in a convenient store. Yukyung passes by. She’s happy to see Seju but disappointed to see Mirae next to him. seju09 (28) seju09 (31) She can only gestures to Seju expressing her “support”. What else to do except walking away broken-hearted after that?seju09 (30) seju09 (29)Seju apologizes to Mirae for pressing her to sort out her feelings. Mirae apologizes for making things difficult for him too. Then Seju suggests from now onwards, they should neither feel sorry nor pressured with each other. Mirae agrees.seju09 (32) seju09 (33) seju09 (34)When they get back to the office, they hear PD Lee speaking loudly in an editing room. seju09 (35)He’s working with another writer on the haunted house report. seju09 (36)While Mirae goes to writer Bae for help, Seju confronts PD Lee. Seju asks PD Lee to apologize to Mirae and changes back to Mirae’s script. PD Lee is offended and says Seju being a VJ has no right for such comments. seju09 (37) seju09 (38) seju09 (39)Seju is speaking to him as a member. He reasons that the idea is Mirae’s to begin with and she went to the haunted house and filmed too. PD Lee shows the hierarchy card and says he has the power to “out” Seju with just one sentence. “American Film School? I know about that. But VJ here is just a camera man. You should understand your position. If you don’t like it, just quit.” “My position? I’ll be careful about that.”seju09 (40) seju09 (41)Seju turns to Mirae, “Don’t worry. Things will be sorted out.”seju09 (42)Mirae is treating her wound in a corner. Tears all over. More pain in her ankle or her heart? Seju comes to “heal”, handing her wound dressing gauze, bandage . . .seju09 (43) seju09 (44) seju09 (45)and even a tissue for her tears.seju09 (46)But he knows the doctor is a better person for her physical wound. Seju asks if there will be a scar. Of course, the wound is deep. “What to do? One more scar.” seju09 (47)“Not a scar. It’s a mark. A record for my giving my all on something. Also a lesson. There are times I will fail no matter how hard I try.” She adds that she’ll look at the “mark” when she’ll ever feel frustrated. Then she can work hard again thinking, “I will be a great writer one day. When PD Lee begs me to write him scripts, I’ll take revenge.”seju09 (48)They go back in time watching the last part of the broadcast about the haunted house. Seju knows how difficult it is for Mirae to watch when another writer’s script is used. seju09 (49)Unexpectedly, Kim Shin doesn’t read the ending as scripted, he read Mirae’s instead. (Mirae has thought of the ending when they were in the haunted house. And Kim Shin remembers her words.) Mirae quickly goes to find Kim Shin.seju09 (50)Seju wakes up early waiting for the ratings data. seju09 (51)All are above 10% except one area. Grandma says the team has failed. Grandma and grandson have a debate on principles. Grandson wins. seju09 (52) seju09 (53)Grandma asks why her grandson has become fierce and brave. “Just because this maknae VJ has been bullied so much that he becomes braver.”seju09 (54)But Grandma still wants to punish the team as they barely pass. Somebody needs to take the responsibility for the lowest real time rating drop in the very end. That particular script writer needs to be removed. seju09 (55)“You mean Mirae?” “She did that part? Too bad. She’s nice and all but she’s not capable? Since she’s not even educated, I begin to doubt her personality.”

“I don’t want to take over YBS anymore.” “Why? Didn’t you say you have a lot of things to do and will take over in a month?” Then Seju gives a mini speech. The CEO’s meddling with minor things in the network is super narrow minded. There’s no future with the network when the workers are so afraid of offending the CEO. They dare not take risks and there will be no creativity. He feels ashamed to head such an organization. Whether Grandma/CEO is persuaded or too embarrassed, she calls the team and asks them to continue to work hard for the program.seju09 (56)But Grandma has a request. She wants to see Mirae in person. She wants to formally meet the girl that her grandson likes. seju09 (57) seju09 (61) seju09 (60) seju09 (59) seju09 (58)Seju agrees to make the arrangement, but asks Grandma not to reveal his real status. Grandma wonders why someone may even run away from people like them? “Grandma, there are a lot of other people in the world who are very different from us.”seju09 (62) seju09 (63)Seju still wonders if it’s a pleasant encounter when his grandma met Mirae last time. He has an Q & A session with Grandma’s body guard. seju09 (64)The body guard thinks he’s telling what Seju wants to hear, “… she said Master Junior has found a pearl in the mud.” But Seju knows better. seju09 (65) seju09 (66)They met in a public transport waiting place. “Taxi  . . . ” “Mirae-si doesn’t take taxis.” “Bus stop.” “So they talked? And took the bus together?” “Not together. Alone.” . . . “What actually happened finally?”seju09 (67)Seju calls old Mirae. “Didn’t you say I can ask you to do whatever if I need help?”seju09 (68) seju09 (69)Seju takes Mirae to an expensive Chinese restaurant. He asks the waiter to lead Mirae to the table for he needs to make a call first. The call is for Grandma to come and pretend that she happens to be around.seju09 (70)Seju explains how he knows the CEO. She sponsored all his education, from elementary school till American Film School.seju09 (71)So it’s history all over again. Kim Shin sees Seju and Mirae together. But this time, it’s arranged by Seju himself.seju09 (73)seju09 (74) seju09 (75)THE smirk.seju09 (76)

6 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Taking control

  1. I enjoy reading your recaps so much =)
    Why is Seju so sure that Mirae would run away if she knows his real status, when the reality is on the contrary – she gets close to him intentionally knowing his status and wealth? this bothers me alot in every episode.. urgh.

    • your right,,,, she approach him knowing already that he is a chaebol… in fact she asked him already in their car scene first time…

    • I think the writer means Mirae doesn’t believe most of the things that Ahjuma tells her. She forgets or doesn’t believe Ahjuma said Seju is actually rich or will build a media empire. The writer fails to tell us what exactly is in Mirae’s mind. That’s the biggest problem in the show.

      • but she does believe Kim Shin is her future husband, doesn’t she? and she follows ahjuma’s suggestions to get close with Seju from time to time. even she forgets or not believe Seju is chaebol at first, his having close relationship with the CEO make enough hints and good reasons to suspect what ahjuma said is true already… it’s just not making sense at all ==

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