Chapter 10: Love is not a square

When Kim Shin was asking old Mirae what it’s all about, Seju calls. He admits he’s Miranda’s grandson. seju10 (1)

Kim Shin asks if Mirae knows too. “It’s so weird, Announcer Kim uses honorifics speaking to me.”

seju10 (2) seju10 (3) “One more thing, please keep this a secret.” seju10 (4) Mirae is nervous enough already but Miranda keeps asking questions. She asks if Mirae has thought of marrying into a rich family. seju10 (5) Seju’s anxious watching how Mirae handles the chain of interrogation. Mirae thinks it would be a tough life living as a rich guy’s wife. She won’t be able to do the things she wants to. Miranda wonders how that can possibly be a difficult life. There are so many things about life to enjoy. Mirae asks Miranda if she feels happy now. Maybe she didn’t dream to have this life when she’s young neither. seju10 (6) Mirae apologizes for being offensive but Seju is pleased with how Mirae has beaten his grandma in this.seju10 (7) “Wait, is there something in your eye?” “Oh, that’s a mole.” “Sorry. I didn’t know.”seju10 (8) Seeing them all close, Miranda asks, “You must like Seju a lot.” “We’re just friends.”
“Then do you have someone you like?” Mirae stutters and avoids answering the follow up question.seju10 (9) seju10 (10) seju10 (11) After Mirae is “forced” to be driven home in one of Miranda’s car, Miranda explodes to Seju. She literally hits him, though in a playful way. Mirae doesn’t have the right conditions to be his grandson’s wife already, but she doesn’t even like her grandson? “If that’s easy, will I like her? And she’s so brave in front of the YBS CEO too.”seju10 (12) seju10 (13) seju10 (14)When Miranda says Mirae is just being ignorant about their lives, Seju interrupts her, “But Grandma, what’s your dream?” “I dreamed to be a CEO’s wife since I was a kid. Why couldn’t that be my dream?” “Of course. You’re so great, my grandma!”
 seju10 (15)Seju thanks Grandma for being nice to Mirae. But he doesn’t want to go home in her car.  seju10 (16) Grandma is still angry with that, then she randomly asks the body guard about his childhood dream. “Digging fossils. Dinosaurs.” “What’s mine?”

“Do I have to greet you formally?”
seju10 (17)
“No, I’m still a VJ, you can just . . . ”
seju10 (18)“OK.”
seju10 (19) seju10 (20) Mirae has prepared everything to dig about wine fraud for their program. She even changed her hair to get this dish washing job in the bar in question. seju10 (21) seju10 (22) But PD Na thinks that’s too dangerous. He won’t allow his own sister to do it. He “drags” Mirae out for a talk. So everybody knows their relationship now. seju10 (23) seju10 (24)As usual, Mirae doesn’t have a plan about this at all. Seju comes to rescue. He doesn’t only tell how this can be related to their program’s main objective, he will also protect Mirae. He can go to watch her out and drive her home every night. seju10 (25) seju10 (26)“Can you fight?” “When I was younger, I could beat most of the other foreigners. I lost maybe just a few times. Taekwon-Do 3rd degree, Aikido 3rd degree, Kumdo 4th degree, I even did fencing.”
 seju10 (27) seju10 (28) PD Na is very pleased. Kim Shin sees the three become close. Frustrated.seju10 (29) Seju and Mirae visit the bar. They begin to feel the danger. seju10 (30) Mirae says she’s prepared a lot of things, but she doesn’t know how to use the hidden camera!seju10 (31) So Seju gives her a lesson.
seju10 (32)
seju10 (33) seju10 (34) seju10 (35) seju10 (36) seju10 (37) seju10 (38) As promised, drives her home too.
seju10 (39)
Yukyung tells Seju what she’s found out about Mirae and Ahjuma.seju10 (40) Everything about the “same but so different” diaries explains all the weird things that happened. The day when Yukyung had the car accident, Mirae wrote “A crazy ahjuma flies from nowhere.”seju10 (41) seju10 (42) Seju doesn’t buy this at all but out of curiosity he asks if there’s something special written in Ahjuma’s diary. When Yukyung embarrassedly says she and Seju will get married, Seju finds it even more unbelievable.
seju10 (43)
Then Yukyung asks why Seju even talked to Ahjuma on the phone. “It’s just because we have the same agenda.” Yukyung accuses Seju for using Ahjuma, but their talk is interrupted by the team’s screams of joy.seju10 (44) seju10 (45)
The subway incident report has received enough international attention to win an award. The ceremony is held in Miranda’s office. Seju and Mirae are at the back row. Kim Shin turns to look at Mirae. Mirae doesn’t know, but Seju does.
seju10 (46) seju10 (47) seju10 (48) seju10 (49) seju10 (50)The team will celebrate their victory going on a countryside vacation. Seju is surprised that Kim Shin is going.seju10 (51) The fun begins with the van ride already. Then lots of games right after they arrive too.seju10 (52)
Preparing for the BBQ dinner. The “veggie couple” washing veggies.seju10 (53) seju10 (54) seju10 (55) Yukyung helps Seju to go get some supplies from the van. “You care about Mirae so much but she isn’t helping you with such things.” “Thank you, lucky that I have you.” But Seju so wants to share the happy news with his FRIEND. He’s introduced Mirae to his grandma. seju10 (56) “Why?” “Of course my grandma wants to see the person I like.”seju10 (57) Seju rants that the meeting wasn’t exactly successful and asks Yukyung to say good things about Mirae in front of his grandma. “Sure. If you want me to.”seju10 (58) seju10 (59) When Yukyung turns to leave, Seju asks her to tell Mirae to come to the van if she sees Mirae.seju10 (60) That totally breaks the dam that’s been stopping Yukyung’s tears. She turns. “No. Why do I need to do this? What am I?” “You’re my good friend. I can’t tell others about Mirae.” “That’s what I hate most! Because it’s you. I don’t want to hear those from you, somebody I like. Why do you keep telling me such things? You have no idea how bad I feel already.”seju10 (61) seju10 (62) seju10 (63) seju10 (64) seju10 (65) seju10 (66) seju10 (67) seju10 (68) seju10 (69)At the dinner table. Yukyung looks at Seju with different eyes. And Seju can’t look at Yukyung the same as before. seju10 (70) seju10 (71) At least four persons have a heavy heart at campfire. PD Na says this camp thing is a workshop too. He wants a brainstorm on new ideas for the program.seju10 (72) Kim Shin volunteers to speak first. “I like Na Mirae.”seju10 (73) seju10 (74)Then he turns to Seju, “What do you think?” seju10 (75)

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