Chapter 11: What about his hope?

PD Na tries to erase the odd vibe that Kim Shin created by saying, “I like Na Mirae too.”seju11 (1)

And asks who else likes Na Mirae. The other guys respond and sound all funny shouting and dancing. Even writer Bae joins to loosen the tension. Kim Shin says he’s not joking, but nobody listens.seju11 (2)

Seju is alone and Yukyung comes. She asks Seju not to think about what she said earlier. It’s not important. seju11 (3)

Seju says he’s sorry to have made her feel bad. But he can’t help asking what Yukyung like about him. And when it started.seju11 (4)

Yukyung is very hurt that he asks “when”, as if he wants to know she likes him before or after knowing his real status. seju11 (5)Holding the tears in her eyes she says, “Napkin.” She explains it’s the very first time someone understood her like that since she began this reporter job. She doesn’t wait for Seju to respond and leaves.seju11 (6)

When looking out for Mirae at he Karaoke bar, Seju finds an excuse to see Mirae at work. He goes to the kitchen and asks, “Who’s been cutting apples?”seju11 (7) seju11 (8)

So Mirae manages to come out and talk to Seju. She rants it’s been three days but she still can’t find the chance to get close to the fake alcohol place.seju11 (9)

And she misses the team already. Seju knows exactly whom she misses and tells her Announcer Kim is doing fine. seju11 (10)Mirae is embarrassed. She needs to go back to work.seju11 (11)

Kim Shin finds out where Mirae’s been having the investigation and also that Seju is helping Mirae. He calls Seju for a talk. They are meeting at the cafe opposite the Karaoke bar.seju11 (12)

Seju asks Kim Shin why he doesn’t go to see Mirae directly. Kim Shin wants to talk about something else. He wants to know when Seju will take over YBS formally. Seju says there’s still some preparation work for that.seju11 (13)

“When will I be fired?” “Why?” “That you find a new MC and I go find another job, both need time.”seju11 (14)

“So you’ve been thinking I’m bad like that.” “No, I just find you a very scary person.”seju11 (15)

Seju explains he’s a businessman. He doesn’t allow his romantic feelings to interfere with business matters. But Kim Shin asks for a direct answer to his question.seju11 (16)

“To me, Announcer Kim is the best merchandise in YBS. You’re still very useful to me in many ways. Am not dumping you so easily.”seju11 (17) seju11 (18)

The bad guys found out Mirae has been trying to investigate their fake alcohol business. Mirae is in danger. The ahjuma that sympathizes with Mirae dials a random number on Mirae’s phone to find help. It’s Seju’s.seju11 (19)

Knowing his grandma’s body guard has been around watching him as he’s watching Mirae, he goes to the body guard to get help.seju11 (20)

The body guard gathered some men to try to go in the Karaoke bar. The excuse is that their CEO has left something important inside and they need to go search for it. seju11 (21)Of course Seju wants to join them. The body guard won’t let him.seju11 (22)

When the police have arrived, Seju is “unlocked” and he runs to check on Mirae. seju11 (23)She tells Seju she’s fine but her eyes immediately search for Kim Shin.seju11 (24)

Writer Bae persuaded PD Na to let Mirae write the script on her own. Mirae is so happy to hear the news that she jumps around and hold hands with Seju. “You two look good together.”seju11 (25) seju11 (26)

But PD Na turns all serious right after. He throws out questions that Mirae can’t answer. Seju comforts Mirae that her own brother did that just to make sure she’ll work harder. seju11 (27) Mirae understands but that’s why she’s worried herself. She so wants to make her brother feel proud of her.seju11 (28)

Kim Shin, PD Na and Seju are having a meeting. Kim Shin has a plan to let their fake alcohol story in Pandora’s Box get enough attention. seju11 (29)They will have the main news team report the highlights of their story and viewers should watch their program to understand the whole issue. The head of the news department has even agreed, but Miranda said no. That’s why Seju is in the meeting. “So what to do, Park Seju-ssi?”seju11 (30) seju11 (31)

Miranda is shocked that Seju and Kim Shin come together. Seju tells her straight away that Kim Shin knows already. Kim Shin says he knows Park Seju is her grandson and he’s been doing so well as a competent VJ. As his grandma, Miranda can be proud.seju11 (32) seju11 (33)

Seju and Kim Shin tell they know Miranda interferes with their plan just because the fake alcohol report is Mirae’s. She denies in the beginning, but the two put on a show acting all sarcastic, arguing if the CEO is a petty person not looking at the bigger picture.seju11 (34) seju11 (35)

Miranda surrenders but comments that the two men must like the woman so much that they scheme together to help her achieve.seju11 (36) seju11 (37)

Mirae is so nervous as Kim Shin reads her script during the broadcast. She watches Kim Shin. Seju watches Mirae.seju11 (38) seju11 (39)

When it ends, Seju goes and congratulates Mirae for having written a great script. seju11 (41)seju11 (40)While they look up related information on the phone, Kim Shin sees them and walks away quietly. Mirae’s eyes go back searching for Kim Shin right away.seju11 (42) seju11 (43) seju11 (44)

Seju walks out of the recording studio and sees Yukyung. She asks if Kim Shin knows who Seju really is. The way Kim Shin confessed to Mirae at the retreat camp, it’s more like a challenge to Seju’s status.seju11 (45)

Yukyung actually wonders if Seju tells Kim Shin himself, just to win Mirae. seju11 (46)Yes, but … Yukyung says it’s time Seju tells Mirae the truth too. Doesn’t he want to know if Mirae can like him regardless of his background?

“It’s really time. I planned to tell her today. Who I am. Why I couldn’t let her know earlier. I will tell her all the truth. And . . . my heart.” seju11 (49) seju11 (50)

“You . . . are so cruel to me.” Has Seju just lost a friend?seju11 (51) seju11 (52) seju11 (53)

Seju goes to Mirae’s house. Nobody answers the door. He calls. No answer. But then old Mirae calls back. Because Mirae forgets her phone going out for a walk with her brother.seju11 (54)

Seju finds Mirae and her brother talking in the playground. Her brother is so loud shouting, all angry knowing that Mirae likes Kim Shin.seju11 (55) seju11 (56) seju11 (57)

It’s not good news to Seju neither.seju11 (58) seju11 (59)

PD Na left to meet with Kim Shin. Mirae stays to sort things out in her mind talking out loud. Seju hears her.seju11 (60) seju11 (61)

Mirae has trouble getting inside the house for his brother has changed the passcode. Seju arrives and lends her his phone to call PD Na. But PD Na is too busy having old Mirae talk to Kim Shin about something so much more important that he hangs up. Mirae can’t get it. Seju has something more important in mind too. “I want to talk to you, seriously.”seju11 (62)

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