yesterday, today, tomorrows

I posted this screen cap to weibo yesterday.

6d8ba6bcgw1eapc9qe6jij20zk0k0gnkA fan commented that she finds Yonghwa more handsome than yesterday every day. I agreed and had some fun exchanges with her.

Then this morning there are these drama stills of Seju released.

1384838446-51-org 1384838457-33-org

While I was pronouncing myself dead on twitter, these pictorial previews appeared.

1384837806-41-org 1384837832-87-org

1384841759_607339 201311191448473310_1Dare I think about the tomorrows? How does he do it? Getting BETTER in front of my eyes! I don’t mean just looks. His acting, so obviously gone up a notch. And don’t get me started about his stage presence, singing, and song writing.

7 thoughts on “yesterday, today, tomorrows

  1. Once again, he lives up to his bolmae jung nickname. Hats off to yonghwa…I really don’t know how he does it. But I’m so happy to be a spectator of his journey to be better everyday.

  2. Hi! Thanks for this. I really like CN Blue especially Yonghwa. πŸ™‚
    Although I am really sad that the ratings of this drama is low, still I am very proud of Yonghwa for he made a good choice for his future/ tomorrow. Instead of choosing another drama, he went for MHIYD. πŸ˜€ His acting really improved a lot because he’s with very good actors in this drama

    Can wait for more of his projects soon πŸ™‚ I always look at your blog for new posts about him. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the above eye candy pictures!! This is my first time to leave a comment but i have been visiting your site and i really appreciate your blogs and comments and thoughts on Yonghwa . As you can tell , i am bias to this incredible young man’s journey to stardom but most of all i am bias to what a good person he is to be an idol to follow. His courage and fortitude to carry on with bubbly personality and charisma despite all the criticisms and negativity that backlashed on him sometimes. I like it that you silently on your own way support and love him without bashing or hating anyone else and not expecting anything back from Yong but just be the wind beneath his wings. I admire and salute you for that!! Hence i am writing this ( sorry did not mean it to be long ) to let you know i am trying to be more open and vocal of my admiration for this young man as you are!! Yonghwa fighting!!!

  4. Hey there,

    I really like reading your weekly dosage summary recaps of MHIYD since there so many photo screen caps of Seju. I have came a long way of liking Yonghwa since YAB time and I’m so proud to see his acting has improved tremendously. I almost cried yesterday watching ep 12 since it was so heartbreaking to see SJ in pain .. that shows how convincing his acting was.

    it’s the same thing for me too. Just when I was about to spazz about Ep 11 they released stills of chaebol Seju and then the smokin hot pictorial came out. This morning they released a new p pic of CNBLUE with the sunflower and then the season greetings teaser came out. It was hard for me to concentrate my day.. HAHA.. Oh boy, Yonghwa just gets more handsome day by day. And I really admire his professionalism to stay cheerful despite the killer schedule he has.. :p

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