Chapter 12: He loves who he loves

Seju apologizes for having heard what Mirae has said. But he asks why she can’t SEE him? seju12 (1)He’s been around her all this time. Why can’t she choose him? He’s not right still saying such things to her as he’s said they can be friends. But he was so afraid that she would avoid him.seju12 (2) seju12 (3)Mirae apologizes for not refusing him earlier. She wants Seju to be her friend too. It’s her fault pretending not to know Seju’s heart.seju12 (4)Seju asks again why Mirae likes Kim Shin. Is it still about what Ahjuma said? That she’d be Kim Shin’s wife? Mirae says it’s nothing to do with Ahjuma. Her heart has been on Kim Shin’s side since the beginning.

Seju doesn’t let her finish. “I met you first before him. I like you first before him. If there’s really fate in this world. It’s that I met you, and I like you.”seju12 (5)seju12 (6) seju12 (7)Mirae asks Seju not to be like that anymore. “Not to like you anymore?” Seju says he can’t ask Mirae to like him just as she can’t ask him to not like her. Mirae doesn’t want Seju to feel frustrated. But Seju’s more frustrated to see Mirae not happy. Until the day he sees Kim Shin’s true heart to Mirae, he will not give up.seju12 (8) seju12 (9) seju12 (10)He congratulates her for being promoted writer. But Mirae doesn’t take the present. Seju leaves sadly.seju12 (11) seju12 (12)

The team has a meeting about the Christmas special program. How single people can spend a happy Christmas. They are all single except writer Bae. seju12 (13)But PD Lee thinks Kim Shin may not be single. Kim Shin says he’s single. seju12 (14)

PD Na is buying Seju lunch. And they happen to pass by the cafe that Kim Shin and Mirae are having lunch.seju12 (15) seju12 (16) seju12 (17) seju12 (18) seju12 (19) seju12 (20) seju12 (21)

Seju asks Yukyung to meet in the bar. It’s the first time Seju asks to see Yukyung. Yukyung wonders what’s the occasion.seju12 (22)

It’s the last day Seju being the VJ.seju12 (23)

But Seju will not take over the admin work in YBS yet. He’ll go for a vacation. seju12 (24) seju12 (25) seju12 (26)The Jeju Island resort. He mentions he’s been there before he first started the VJ work. All the loose pieces of puzzles somehow come together in Yukyung’s mind. “Do you meet someone special there?” Seju just smiles.seju12 (27)Seju says no matter his status, Yukyung will remain his good friend.seju12 (28) seju12 (29) seju12 (30)

“But I’ve told you I don’t want to be your friend.” She leaves leaving those words.seju12 (31) seju12 (32)

seju12 (33) seju12 (34) seju12 (35)All alone on the road trip.seju12 (36) seju12 (37)

To the place where it started.seju12 (38) seju12 (39) seju12 (40) seju12 (41) seju12 (42) seju12 (43) seju12 (44) seju12 (45) seju12 (46)

The man who cries with his back.seju12 (47) seju12 (48) seju12 (49) seju12 (50) seju12 (51)

Seju has a last look of the office where he’s spent happy times.seju12 (52) seju12 (53)

Sits down at Mirae’s desk.seju12 (54)

He sents a message to Mirae. They will film for the Christmas special the next day.seju12 (55)

Mirae is worried if he’s not feeling well taking days off. “I’m fine. See you tomorrow.”seju12 (56)

seju12 (57)It is awkward that they meet again after that night.seju12 (58) seju12 (59) seju12 (60) seju12 (61)

Seju gives Mirae a big smile.seju12 (62) seju12 (63) seju12 (64)

How should single people spend Christmas?seju12 (65)

Going to movies. The amusement park. Buying themselves presents.seju12 (66) seju12 (67) seju12 (68) seju12 (69) seju12 (70)

All filming done.seju12 (71) seju12 (72)

But Seju says there’s still one thing to do. Saving the best for the last.seju12 (73) “Merry Christmas.” Why? It’s still one week away. Seju explains he will not be around to say that to her.seju12 (74) seju12 (75)

Plus, a hug when the fireworks begin. seju12 (76)“I’ve been worried if I can make it. It’s so perfect timing.” seju12 (77)

“Goodbye Mirae-ssi. Take care.”seju12 (78) seju12 (79)

The driver has been waiting. It’s time.seju12 (80)

It’s Christmas Eve but Seju is working.seju12 (81) seju12 (82)

A chaebol friend calls and asks what he’s been doing. When Seju says he’s working, the friend asks why he even works at a time like this. Doing business should be just reading a few documents. Easy like that. He should go out and have fun.seju12 (83)

Seju bumps into Yukyung at the extravagant Karaoke bar. “You are still hanging out with the chaebols?” Yukyung has wanted to leave already. But she becomes all angry with Seju accusing her like that. “Why can’t I come to such places? I want to have fun. It’s Christmas Eve.”seju12 (84) seju12 (85) seju12 (86) seju12 (87)

The newsroom chief brings Yukyung to his rich ahjussi friends. Now Seju knows what it’s all about.seju12 (88) seju12 (89)

Seju meets his friends. Have a drink. But he thinks about Yukyung.seju12 (90) seju12 (91) seju12 (92)

He hears the singing in the next room.seju12 (93) seju12 (94) seju12 (95)

Goes out to see. The sad Yukyung passes by him without a word.seju12 (96) seju12 (97) seju12 (98) seju12 (99) seju12 (100)

When he sees Yukyung crying sitting on the roadside, he offers to get her home.seju12 (101)seju12 (105)“You must find me very pathetic. Singing, dancing, and laughing like that.” “I’m so sorry. I misuderstood everything.”

seju12 (102) seju12 (103) seju12 (104) seju12 (105) “No, you can misunderstand as much as you like. I just don’t care anymore.”seju12 (106) seju12 (107) seju12 (108) seju12 (109) seju12 (110)

Is it the first snow? How the snow flakes melt when he reaches out. It’s like his love?seju12 (111) seju12 (112) seju12 (113)seju12 (114)

A special meeting for the Young Geon Group board members. They gather to meet the new member.seju12 (115) seju12 (116)

Park Seju. Introduced my Announcer Kim.seju12 (117) seju12 (118) seju12 (119) seju12 (120)

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