Hard to see him not chosen

Just saw the preview of episode 13. It looks like Seju appears in front of Mirae as the REAL Seju. preview13

Many Yonghwa fans say they hate to see Seju suffer. Like most people, I’m not a fan of the writer’s way of executing the story. But I think a well written drama character needs to go through hardships to let viewers know what he/she is made of.

I don’t think you take my blog posts too seriously, so I don’t expect you to remember a particular post (music. hardship.) I wrote two years ago. I was talking about Yonghwa’s music but a friend (Looby) used the example of acting in the comment:

People say to be a good actor, you have to go out and experience life. That means you have to embrace life and take what life offers you . . .

Since then, Yonghwa’s written many great songs. Now quite many people praise Yonghwa’s acting. A lot of things have happened in the last two years, if you see what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Hard to see him not chosen

  1. Even if Mirae does not choose Seju, 79% of viewers have already chosen him.^^

    And yes, his hardships has shown us what a strong, admirable, young man he is. Without them, we would not have Time is Over, Robot, Change… just to name a few. And what depth of sorrow his eyes can show as Park Seju.

  2. As you said, as his fan, I’m so scare to see him (even just his role on screen) suffer. But so far I appreciate writer for giving SJ a lot of love from viewers. SJ may not able to avoid suffering but most impressive is how he deal and overcome from those. I don’t really mind who will be with him in the end. I just hope writer keep on building good image of SJ as he is and will not put any ridiculous situation on his way till the end.

    Thank you for your posts which are always very insightful and full of love. I search preview of EP13 now 🙂

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