Chapter 13: Love is a choice

The new board member of Young Geon Group, Park Seju, will be the new director of YBS. Seju introduces himself and says the board members must be shocked to see a person as young as their grandsons. seju13 (1) seju13 (2)It’s true that he gets the position just because of his grandma. But he has the quality that money or hardwork can’t buy — the spirit to take challenges. He has the goal to make YBS a world known media empire.seju13 (3) seju13 (4) seju13 (5)When the meeting ended and everybody has left, Seju thanks Kim Shin for doing well, praising him as the front MC in YBS. Kim Shin sarcastically replies that he’s ready to help in coming occasions: birthday parties and anniversaries.seju13 (6) seju13 (7)It’s time the new CEO runs some inspection. PD Lee is napping (and drooling). He wakes up and finds Seju staring.seju13 (8)He asks why Seju is back, blames him for making their lives miserable leaving without notice.seju13 (9)Write Bae is surprised but happy to see Seju. She asks if Seju is coming back. PD Lee however says they need Seju no more.seju13 (10)A bunch of high rank people march into the team’s office. PD Lee still doesn’t know what’s happening. seju13 (11)PD Na comes in time and apologizes on Lee’s behalf. PD Na congratulates Seju on his new position. PD Lee hasn’t waken up yet and says more silly things. PD Na apologizes again but Seju asks him to relax. He’s embarrassed himself that PD Na becomes so serious. seju13 (12) seju13 (13)Mirae enters the office, having no idea. “Seju-ssi?”seju13 (14)PD Na grabs her to stand with the team to greet the new CEO together and wait for instructions. Seju says working as a VJ in the last months, he’s learned what kind of manpower YBS needs. seju13 (15) seju13 (16) He’s seen people working hard in the background. He realized dreams can change the future. And leadership is very important.seju13 (17) seju13 (18) Those are all very valuable experience and knowledge for him before he takes up the administration work. He just wants to thank the team as he starts his new job.seju13 (19) seju13 (20) He looks at Mirae, maybe trying to see how she takes all this.seju13 (21) seju13 (22)Seju messages Mirae, asking to meet her at the record room.seju13 (23)Mirae comments that Seju looks like a different person. She wonders if this is the reason Seju suddenly disappeared.

seju13 (24)Seju asks if Mirae is upset that he didn’t tell him. He wanted to but couldn’t find the chance. “So it’s a lie that Madame CEO sponsored your education?” Seju says it’s not exactly a lie. His grandma paid for his education and he’s got to work hard. It’s really a debt.seju13 (25)Mirae asks if he’s doing fine. Seju jokingly says he’s made up his mind to upgrade YBS after she dumped him. He’ll work hard so as to impress Mirae to win her back.seju13 (26) seju13 (27)Mirae asks why he asks to meet here. Seju reminds her they’ve listened to music together here. “Those were good times.”seju13 (28) seju13 (29)He wants Mirae to treat him like an average person, neither a VJ nor the CEO. He can’t say such things to her in the CEO’s office.seju13 (30) seju13 (31) seju13 (32)Seju emails everybody. He doesn’t want to make announcements via internal broadcast like before. He’s spent a lot of time discussing with higher officials for the new plans he’s to announce but everyone can send him ideas or responses if they don’t agree. seju13 (33)A human resources committee will be set up to deal with personnel matters. There will be more fringe benefits, especially for VJs, FDs and writers. Employees will be rewarded for hard work and new ideas. YBS will become new and young.seju13 (34)Miranda doesn’t like Seju’s plans at all. He basically implies everything was wrong under her reign. But Seju says she should trust him giving him the position.seju13 (35) seju13 (36) seju13 (37)Yukyung is not answering the phone. seju13 (38) seju13 (39)So Seju gets his assistant to find her address.seju13 (40)Seju didn’t expect Yukyung lives in this area. He asks the assistant to wait in the car and he’ll go find her house alone.seju13 (41) seju13 (42) seju13 (43) seju13 (44) seju13 (45)There isn’t even a door bell. “Anybody home?” seju13 (46)A young boy replies to Seju asking if this is where Seo Yukyung-ssi lives. The boy shouts, “Noona~” There’s an older woman in the room who has problems walking. “Oh, my daughter has a guest. What to do?”seju13 (47)Yukyung says he should know it’s such a place looking at the address. Does he come to confirm that he shouldn’t “choose” Seo Yukyung? He apologizes and explains he heard she hasn’t been to work for days. And he couldn’t contact her by phone. seju13 (48)“Heard you met with my grandma?” “I told her your the other half should not be Na Mirae. She said even if it’s not Na Mirae, that position can never be mine. I just woke up hearing those last words.”seju13 (50)Seju asks her not to take his grandma’s words seriously. She’s always blunt like that.seju13 (50)Yukyung has read Ahjuma’s diary. That part about she will marry Seju. She so wanted it to be true. That’s the only hope that she can escape all this.seju13 (51) seju13 (52)But Seju shouldn’t come like this. It’s just a reporter missing work. She would have misunderstood if she hasn’t waken up.seju13 (53) seju13 (54) seju13 (55)Seju says he’ll make sure not to make her misunderstand. Yukyung says she heard how shocked the team was knowing his real status. But Seju changes the subject. “Comes back to work. It’s time people see your power too.”seju13 (56)“Now you are talking like a CEO.”seju13 (57) seju13 (58)Yukyung sighs seeing Seju leaves. “From now onwards, there’s no excuses to see him anymore.”

Seju asks to see Kim Shin. Seju offers Kim Shin the 9 PM news anchor position.seju13 (59)Kim Shin asks for the reason. Seju explains Kim Shin has the best image for YBS’s news department. But Kim Shin isn’t that enthusiastic. He’ll think about it. seju13 (60) seju13 (61)Before Kim Shin leaves, Seju says, “I’ve seen the pictures. So it’s not just Na Mirae-ssi?”

“Long time no see, Na writer-nim. It’s best to have something sweet when feel like crying.”seju13 (62)“But what to do? Me empty handed this time.”seju13 (64) seju13 (65)“Let’s go for vanilla lattes. I’m buying.” “The CEO shouldn’t be walking around like this.” . . . “Why are you so nice to me? Why so caring?” seju13 (66) seju13 (67) seju13 (68)“I feel worse whenever you’re so nice.” “I’m OK. I’m OK. Mirae.”seju13 (69) seju13 (70) seju13 (71)Mirae has something to confess. That time when they got all wet at the car wash. She deliberately opened the window.seju13 (72)Seju has something to confess too. Though he said he wanted her to be happy, he wanted himself to be happy most. That short film he showed her, about that scene of the man crying with his back. She’s the first and only one to understand what he wanted to say.seju13 (73) seju13 (74) seju13 (75)“You’re someone that I need very much.”seju13 (76)seju13 (77) seju13 (78) seju13 (79)Seju is choosing warm overcoats for outdoor filming crews.seju13 (81)seju13 (82)“Are there colors other than these?” “Whatever color you prefer, we can custom make.” “Maybe yellow.”seju13 (83) seju13 (84)

“Is it because of Na Mirae? Put me back to the 9PM news as anchor to pull me away from her?” “I’m not so naive as to use such an important position to compete with you. And I’m not the kind lacking confidence to play low as you think. So you came ay this late an hour to talk about such things?”seju13 (85) seju13 (86)“Right. I come to confirm. If you’re what I thought, I planned to punch right into your face.”seju13 (87) seju13 (88)“So are you accepting the offer?”seju13 (89)Writer Bae’s son had an accident. She went to the hospital to take care of things. Mirae has to take over. Seju comes to see the new year special broadcast.seju13 (90) seju13 (91) seju13 (92)But they have an equipment problem. seju13 (93) seju13 (94) seju13 (95) seju13 (96) seju13 (97) seju13 (98) Mirae saves the day. Seju feels so proud.seju13 (99) seju13 (100)Seju praises Mirae for handling the crisis well, and congratulates her for finishing her first program as the main write.seju13 (101) seju13 (102)“Mirae-ssi, please wait. I’ve something more to say.”seju13 (103)But Seju’s interrupted by Kim Shin. “This is my last broadcast. I’ll leave Pandora’s Box. Leave YBS.”seju13 (104) seju13 (105) seju13 (106)

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