Chapter 14: Where he can feel safe

When Mirae wants to chase after Kim Shin, Seju stops her. seju14 (1)Mirae says she doesn’t mean to ask Kim Shin not to go. She just needs to say goodbye. “Say goodbye and come back.”seju14 (2) seju14 (3) seju14 (4)


Seju has waited for Mirae to come back to the studio. He went to the flower shop, found it closed, but managed to get a rose from a cake shop. seju14 (5) seju14 (6) seju14 (7) seju14 (8)“Congratulations on your success writing your first program!”seju14 (9)

Mirae works until late. When she’s about to leave, Seju comes to ask her out for a drink. “I don’t have the mood. Maybe next time.” “It’s not a good idea to be alone feeling down.”seju14 (10) seju14 (11)

“Have you ever done something that hurts somebody without your knowing?” “That happens to everybody once or twice at least.”seju14 (12) seju14 (13) seju14 (14)

Mirae wants to talk about how bad she feels knowing she will hurt Kim Shin so deeply in the future. She stutters and cries.seju14 (15) seju14 (16) seju14 (17) seju14 (18)

“I’ll just cry one more day.”seju14 (19) seju14 (20)

Seju is having a meeting with the department heads. He wants to push forward the plan setting up the human resources department. seju14 (21) seju14 (22)But the others steer him towards the big problem he needs to face. JK Group wants to pull out their advertisements from YBS, the other customers may follow. “This always happens when a very young person becomes the boss.” . . . seju14 (23) seju14 (24) seju14 (25)“Do you have any plans for this?”seju14 (26) seju14 (27) seju14 (28) seju14 (29)

It seems business in YBS is going down under Seju. Grandma lecture time. seju14 (30)“Those who go to work at YBS every day care more about their salaries than the company’s future development. If you can’t pay them, they will want you down. Then I will have to listen to them too.”seju14 (31) seju14 (32) seju14 (33) seju14 (34) seju14 (35) seju14 (36) seju14 (37)

Head down going back to his office, Seju is surprised to see Yukyung. “Why do you come?” “Isn’t his place open to all now?” seju14 (38) seju14 (39)Yukyung went to the audition of a new program’s MC but thought she has failed. “Make me the new MC.” “What? You come to ask me for that?”seju14 (40) “I heard they only care about ability but not things like education or experience. That’s why I went. But it turns out someone has picked the MC already.” “It’s decided internally already?”seju14 (41) seju14 (42)

“Change doesn’t happen with just a slogan. If you don’t know this, you can be still that rich kid living in the greenhouse.”seju14 (43) seju14 (44) seju14 (45) seju14 (46)

Seju wants to see Mirae and calls her. Mirae thinks it’s not a good idea that they meet in the workplace. seju14 (47)“I feel bad that people are giving you pressure. But what to do? I can’t hide my feelings. I like Mirae-ssi too much.” “We can meet outside.” “Oh, there’s a place that I’ve wanted to go.”seju14 (48) seju14 (49)

Seju wants to visit Mirae’s home. Old Mirae is surprised but happy, blaming Mirae for not giving her notice.seju14 (50)

But old Mirae has prepared a lot of food anyway for Oppa (She will go back to the future in a week). seju14 (51)Happy dinner for four.seju14 (52) seju14 (53) seju14 (54) seju14 (55) seju14 (56) seju14 (57) seju14 (58)

Mirae says her room is small and cluttered. She’s been living there since she’s born. seju14 (59)She tells Seju she’ll go work at another network soon. “If it was before, I’d surely ask you not to go. But I’ve changed since I met you. I really want you to be happy.”seju14 (60) seju14 (61) seju14 (62) seju14 (63) seju14 (64) seju14 (65) seju14 (66)

“I’m so tired today. I’ve heard words piercing my heart with pain. seju14 (66) seju14 (67)It hurts so much that I want to run away. But I have no place to go. Coming to your home, I feel safe. seju14 (68) seju14 (69) seju14 (70) seju14 (71)Your room is just like what I’ve imagined. So cozy and warm. Your parents must be real good people. I actually smell warmth here.”seju14 (72)

“So tired. I want to sleep for a while before I go. Please wake me up later.”seju14 (73) seju14 (74) seju14 (75)

Seju wants to buy Mirae clothes. seju14 (76)Mirae jokes that maybe they can play what they do in movies. A rich man takes a girl he likes to the mall, makes her try on all the clothes. seju14 (77)“Is that what you want to do?” “Right. So you pick whatever you want.” seju14 (78) seju14 (79) seju14 (80)

But Seju sees Kim Shin in the same mall. He makes random excuses that they need to leave immediately.seju14 (81) seju14 (82) seju14 (83) seju14 (84)

So Mirae brings Seju to the places she usually shops for clothes.seju14 (85) seju14 (86) seju14 (87)

Mirae makes him try on a blazer. “I have a lot of clothes already.” seju14 (88)“I am buying for another guy.” “Who?”seju14 (89) “Just kidding. My brother. Maybe I buy you one too as I’m happy today.” seju14 (90)

Seju bumps into the deputy director of NTN, the girl who’s rumored to be dating Kim Shin. They knew each other. seju14 (91) seju14 (92)“Noona, you feel different. You dating someone lately?” seju14 (93) seju14 (94) seju14 (95) “Someone you know well. I’ll introduce to you later.”seju14 (96) seju14 (97)

The Pandora Box team has a celebration party. Seju comes and everybody turns serious. Seju says he comes as the VJ. seju14 (98)He has a happy time with all members, especially with Mirae around. But Mirae can’t help thinking about Kim Shin.seju14 (99) seju14 (100)

Seju walks Mirae home. seju14 (101)As they walk and talk, somehow they begin holding hands. seju14 (102) seju14 (103) seju14 (104)“Do you want to sit for a while?”seju14 (105)

Old Mirae calls to say goodbye to Mirae. “I feel so happy that I’ve come to make you meet Park Seju like this.”seju14 (106) seju14 (107)

Talking about Ahjuma, Mirae tells Seju how Ahjuma has helped her win the prize to a Jeju Island vacation. A guy saved her when she had an accident swimming in the sea but she couldn’t remember anything. She had asked the hotel workers but nobody told her who. seju14 (108) seju14 (109) seju14 (110) seju14 (111) seju14 (112)“Don’t you want to know that person? Someone who’s saved your life? He’s right in front of you.” “What?”seju14 (113) seju14 (114) seju14 (115)

“Do you remember that first time we met in the editing room? I asked if you remembered me. I was so happy to meet you again like that.”seju14 (116) seju14 (117) seju14 (118) seju14 (119) seju14 (120)

“I have this with me to wait for the right time to give to you.seju14 (121)seju14 (122) I want to give it to you now. seju14 (124)Mirae-ssi, will you take my heart?”seju14 (125)

4 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Where he can feel safe

  1. Will admit that I’m not liking the set up of the scenes (still think that Seju deserves someone who loves him and actively supports him) but can’t help re-watching only because Yong Hwa looks so gorgeous in them. When the drama frustrates, it’s time to switch off the brain and just admire how handsome he is.

    • Absolutely with you. I do think the same “Seju deserves someone who loves him and actively supports him” Writer ruins SJ’s character by pushing him so rush to MR. How can a person like SJ can find MR is the one he need. She just use his (and others) kind and love so far except only once sympathy with his short film by chance. I’ll learn from you – switch off the brain, ignore the story line to see Yong Hwa and enjoy his acting skill. Thanks.

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