7 thoughts on “While he was sleeping

  1. btw, i have a confession to make, I’ve been lurking around your blog for quite some time, but this is the first time i ever comment, so i apologize for that.
    i really enjoy reading the things you write here, very insightful. and from what I’ve read so far, i think you are a wise person in your own way.
    p.s i also follow you on twitter

      • well he really is one inspiring person. and the more I read about the things he said, I can see that he’s getting more matured with a lot of wisdom that we can learn from, though he is a lot younger than me hehe.
        I guess we are so blessed for having someone like him to idolized.

        reading your blog is a pleasure, so I hope you won’t mind me coming here from time to time 🙂

      • it is me first time comment. I always read your comment in justjyh or your twitter. I agree with mela. Even he likes joking or ppl said choding, when it comes to serious question, I can see he is more mature than his age, wise and mentally strong, never said bad thing about others (besides he’s a hardworker and humble), since then I admire him a lot. Yes I am older than him and everytime I read or listen to his word, I feel shame of myself.
        Thank you

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