Chapter 15: Time’s not on his side

“It’s Seju-ssi who saved me? Why didn’t you tell me?”seju15 (1)Seju was worried if she’d feel embarrassed. And he didn’t want her to see him as her life saver. He wanted her to see him as Park Seju only.seju15 (2) seju15 (3) seju15 (4)

What’s the reason Mirae accepting Seju’s ring?seju15 (5) seju15 (6) seju15 (7) seju15 (8)

Seju tells the other directors his project plan. He wants to set up network stations all over the country. seju15 (9) seju15 (10) seju15 (11) seju15 (12)But his plan was challenged. “Do you have a plan for sources of funds?”seju15 (13) seju15 (14)

Seju goes to Grandma for investment funds. seju15 (15) seju15 (16) seju15 (17)Grandma agrees with his proposal on one condition. Seju marries someone she handpicks. seju15 (18) seju15 (19) seju15 (20) seju15 (21) seju15 (22)“It won’t do if she isn’t Na Mirae. Forget what I asked from you.”seju15 (23)

“Didn’t you say we shouldn’t meet in the office? Do you just miss me so bad?”seju15 (24) seju15 (25)

“Why is everybody saying we’re getting married?”seju15 (26)

Seju finds the rumor amusing but Mirae is super upset.seju15 (27)“Why don’t we just engage then?” seju15 (28) He asks her to seriously consider it. His grandma wants them to get married soon too. Mirae wants to tell him his grandma has seen her. But then she bit her tongue for she’s promised not to tell Seju.seju15 (29)

She leaves behind a puzzled Seju. (Wake up pleast, Seju!)seju15 (30) seju15 (31) seju15 (32)

Seju has a lot to handle at work. seju15 (33) seju15 (34) seju15 (35)Are things more difficult than he expected?seju15 (36) seju15 (37)

Seju calls. He wants Mirae to accompany him to an occasion.seju15 (38) seju15 (39) “Where?” “Can’t you just come without asking?”seju15 (40) seju15 (41) “OK, I’ll go.” “I’ll pick you up in an hour. Please be prettier.”seju15 (42)

Seju thinks Mirae wouldn’t have agreed to come to meet his rich friends if he told her before hand.seju15 (43) seju15 (44) seju15 (45) Mirae says she can surely try to “fit in” if Seju needs her too. She’s interested what people like him talk and do in such occasions anyway.seju15 (46)seju15 (47) seju15 (48) seju15 (49)

But meeting Kim Shin like that is odd. seju15 (50)Kim Shin explains to the rich girl he knew Mirae working with her in YBS. seju15 (51)She wonder why Mirae’s Seju’s date. “She’s my girl friend.”seju15 (52) seju15 (53)

Seju tells Mirae Noona and him has been childhood friends and she’s now the deputy directory of NTN.seju15 (54) seju15 (55) seju15 (56)

Mirae is doing fine chit-chating with Seju’s friends. Maybe she feels some pressure or there’s something else on her mind. She excuses for a break.seju15 (57) seju15 (58) seju15 (59)

“What took you so long?”seju15 (60) seju15 (61)

Seju sees some potential investors off after meeting them in a restaurant.seju15 (62) seju15 (63) seju15 (64) seju15 (65) seju15 (66) seju15 (67) seju15 (68)

He has his assistant and driver off duty. He prefers to go alone.seju15 (69)

Walking in the quiet street, he passes by a restaurant seeing a happy family. seju15 (70) seju15 (71) seju15 (72)Then he wants to talk or see Mirae. He can’t get her on the phone however.seju15 (73) seju15 (74) seju15 (75) seju15 (76)

He goes in a Japanese restaurant, only to bump into Yukyung. seju15 (77) seju15 (78)He tries to pretend to be a stranger teasing her.seju15 (79) seju15 (80) “I’m waiting for my boyfriend . . . Park Seju!” “Boyfriend? So you have a boyfriend now.”seju15 (81) seju15 (82)

Yukyung’s turn to tease back. seju15 (83) seju15 (84) seju15 (85)“What’s that?” seju15 (86)When they talk as friends again, Seju finds out Yukyung has applied for a scholarship to study overseas.seju15 (87) seju15 (88) seju15 (89)seju15 (90) seju15 (91)

Seju asks if he can help with her family’s living conditions. seju15 (92)But Yukyung has everything taken care of already. She tells him all her plans. She may not even come back later. seju15 (93) seju15 (94)“So I may not be able to come to your engagement ceremony.”seju15 (95)

Old Mirae fainted hearing from the time cops that Kim Shin is waiting for her in the future. Mirae calls Seju to tell Ahjuma is in the hospital.seju15 (96) seju15 (97) seju15 (98) seju15 (99)The doctors only find Ahjuma to be extremely weak. They have no idea how to help her.seju15 (100) seju15 (101)It’s 9 PM news on TV in the hospital room. Why the heck it’s tuned to NTN? (Seju’s question too?)seju15 (102) seju15 (103)

4 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Time’s not on his side

  1. I’m just gonna pretend that the show ended in episode 12 – just before the writer decided to butcher SJ’s character. He has been so perfect even with his little flaws here and there but to bring him down this path is ridiculous. SJ is not dumb. He has shown time and again that he reads people well. How can he not know MR doesn’t love him and why is he hanging on? I don’t believe it’s to ‘win’ and ‘possess’ her like some suggested as he has consistently shown respect for women. Ugh!! I feel so frustrated for yonghwa – he got to prove to people with this character and look where the writer is leading him to? I don’t want people to hate him because of their increasing dislike of SJ =(

    • If Seju were a real person and he suddenly turned dumb being obsessed with Mirae to love her against all odds, he hasn’t done a single bad thing to anybody. Mirae still has her choice; it’s her fault to act against her own heart if she doesn’t love Seju at all.
      I know a lot of Yonghwa fans not liking Mirae’s character but they never dislike YEH and even feel bad for her having to portray such an unlikable character. If any drama watchers hate Actor Jung Yonghwa because they HATE the Seju character, they are plain unreasonable and I just couldn’t care less. Maybe it’s another excuse certain K entertainment watchers hating the K star/idol Jung Yonghwa? I never understand why people spend time and energy hating a celebrity. I don’t even have enough time to enjoy watching my star, blog about him and post stuffs about him everywhere.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Instead of spending time and energy hating on someone, why not spend it on someone you like. It baffles me. I’m usually very good at ignoring haters but it just gets to me this time. From now on, I’m just gonna stay in places that I have come to know as safe haven – like your blog. Thank goodness for your blog! =)

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