Chapter 16: So that he has a better future

Seju watches how Mirae stare at the TV screen, like waiting for Kim Shin to say something. seju16 (1)Mirae angrily turns off the TV after some time. Seju doesn’t ask what it’s about but goes back to Ahjuma. “How come she suddenly fainted? Is there something else I need to know?”seju16 (2)“Ahjuma came from a faraway place… ” “You mean she came from the future? You really believe that?” “I know it’s hard for you to believe. But she’s like the twin sister whom I got separated from when little.”seju16 (3) seju16 (4)Seju thinks Mirae needs some rest.seju16 (5)When Seju leaves the room, he sees a very worried PD Na.seju16 (6)seju16 (7) seju16 (8) seju16 (9)Seju’s grandma has asked to meet Mirae’s brother. Brother and Sister all dressed up and groomed for that formal dinner in a restaurant. Grandma bluntly tells PD Na to let Mirae and Seju engage. Seju doesn’t expect her to say that either.seju16 (10)Grandma says Mirae needs to learn a lot before she is ready to be part of her family, like cooking and flower arrangement. PD Na wittily points out Mirae has all those skills already. Seju is so amused by how her grandma is “handled”.seju16 (11)PD Na agrees that they get engaged first. As things aren’t happening as expected, Grandma changes subject and asks about Old Mirae.seju16 (12) seju16 (13)Seju apologizes on behalf of his grandma’s being rude. Mirae confesses that Madam CEO has seen her and asked her to quit her job.seju16 (14)“So what about that? Can you consider?” “What?” “Just kidding. I know you can only be happy doing what you’re doing.” seju16 (15)“But have you ever thought of further studies?” “No. Why?” “Nothing. Just a random thought.”seju16 (17) seju16 (18) seju16 (19) seju16 (20)Kim Shin reports the TK Group scandal about toxic dehumidifier disinfectant costing lives. Everybody is shocked, including Seju.Seju16 (113)Grandma calls seju to asks if he’s watched Kim Shin on the news. She calls Kim Shin a traitor.seju16 (21) seju16 (22)“Why do you tell me this?” “To remind you to look after YBS properly.”seju16 (23) seju16 (24)Mirae has got the help of the whole Pandora team. She just needs Seju to say yes to their reporting the scandal.seju16 (25)“No.” “YBS is pressured too?” Seju explains it’s not something that can be solved plainly in the name of justice. They are a commercial network, and TK Group is their biggest client. Basically, TK Group is paying all employees’ salaries and program production fees.seju16 (26) seju16 (27)“Now I understand what you think.” “Is that because of Announcer Kim?”seju16 (28)“Not for Announcer Kim. It’s something I must do that I want to do it. I thought Seju-ssi and I are the same kind of person, different from Madam CEO.”seju16 (29) seju16 (30)It’s a tough decision.seju16 (31) seju16 (32) seju16 (33) seju16 (34)Seju remembers what he said in front of the board members, what kind of network he aspires YBS to be.seju16 (35)Thinks more . . .seju16 (36) seju16 (37)He calls PD Na.seju16 (38) seju16 (39) seju16 (40)They can report.seju16 (41)Grandma accuses Seju of treating YBS as his personal playground. She’s worked so hard to make him stay in that director position as he keeps messing up things.seju16 (42) seju16 (43)“Grandma, if YG Group’s food has problems, I should shut up too? If so, I don’t want to work in such a company, a company that makes the administrators and employees feel ashamed.seju16 (45) seju16 (46)Grandma blames Mirae for seducing Seju. The result is her losing face in front of everybody. “You fool being played by a woman! She just wants to pull Kim Shin out of the fire.”seju16 (47) seju16 (48)Grandma continues to call Kim Shin a traitor. Why she even kept her for 10 years!seju16 (49) So I’d be seen as a traitor too, no matter what?”seju16 (50) seju16 (51)seju16 (52)“At this rate, writing resign letters will become your habit.”seju16 (53) “Yukyung, you are so good as an MC, you shouldn’t be a reporter.”seju16 (54)But she’s got the scholarship already. She’ll go to the east of USA, where the greatest TV networks are.seju16 (55) seju16 (56) seju16 (57)What plans does Seju have in mind? Go to Jeju for a vacation, again?seju16 (58)Yukyung really needs to ask this. “If you met me first, instead of Mirae, would you have liked me?”seju16 (59) seju16 (60)“Maybe be. Sure.”seju16 (61) seju16 (62) seju16 (63)What does Seju miss about this office?seju16 (64) seju16 (65) seju16 (66) seju16 (67) seju16 (68) seju16 (69) seju16 (70)His phone rings. Mirae asks to meet at her home.seju16 (71) seju16 (72)“Why do you cook so many dishes?” “I’ve worked hard for Seju-ssi is coming.” “This makes us look like newly-weds.”seju16 (73)seju16 (74)seju16 (75)Mirae has something to tell Seju. Seju wants to tell his news first.seju16 (76)seju16 (77) He’s resigned. Mirae says Grandma told her already. Seju continues to tell his plan of going abroad to study.seju16 (78)The Pandora team’s latest report has made him think a lot. He’s been under her grandma’s protection. He’s been doing things he should do, but not things he likes to do.seju16 (79) seju16 (80) Now he wants to go study again, to do the things he really loves to do.seju16 (81)He wants to learn how to make programs which have more than just commercial values.seju16 (82) “Can you go with me?”seju16 (83) Mirae can’t stay beside him anymore. She explains she’s been accepting things from Seju since she met him. She so wants to do something for Seju too.seju16 (84) seju16 (85) seju16 (85)seju16 (86)But he has everything already, she just can’t give him anything back. If she stays around him like that, she’ll only hate herself. She needs some time to upgrade herself. “I won’t ask you to wait for me. Someone better may appear in front of you in the mean time.”seju16 (87) seju16 (88)“This, if your heart hasn’t changed. You give it to me again?” “You keep it.”seju16 (89)seju16 (90) Mirae goes to get some tea, not to let Seju see her cry. But Seju follows her.seju16 (91)seju16 (92) seju16 (93) seju16 (94)Time flies. Three years later. Christmas Eve. A new Seju comes back.seju16 (95) seju16 (96)His assistant somehow knows he’s arriving one day earlier than scheduled.seju16 (97) seju16 (98) seju16 (99)Is there a reason he comes back one day earlier? “Nothing.”seju16 (100)“But it’s the 24th here, right?” “We’re going straight home?” “No, there’s a place I need to go first.”seju16 (101) seju16 (102) seju16 (103) seju16 (104) seju16 (105)Seju comes to a book shore.seju16 (106) seju16 (107)Fate? Randomness?seju16 (108) “Friends who’ve left will come back again . . .”seju16 (109)“Just like miracles do happen in this world.”seju16 (110) seju16 (111)“This year, I have the happiest Christmas in my life.” seju16 (112)No more lonely Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 16: So that he has a better future

  1. I love to see how SJ does look fresh and bright, strides freely and self-confident. Now his choice is in his hand. Best thing is his future surely full of opportunities and hope. It’s so proud that Yonghwa can give SJ a part of himself to save SJ’s personality in whatever circumstances.

    Thanks Klaritia so much for great captures with love.

    • Just like Seju has a new beginning, I hope it’s also a new beginning for Actor Jung Yonghwa.
      Thank you for coming. I love my own captures too, not because I have any skills. Recording those wonderful feelings watching Seju/Yonghwa in the drama is what I meant to do with them.

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