Can’t help but wonder

what Yonghwa was thinking when he filmed You’re Beautiful . . .

Especially the scene in episode 1 when ANJELL was having a concert. He had some performance experience but definitely not in front of such a crowd.

SW01 (1) SW01 (2) SW01 (3) SW01 (4) SW01 (5)But not long after that he’s been having non-stop concerts. In Japan, Korea, Asian cities, Australia, USA, Mexico and South America. Did he expect all these?

He said the very first scene he filmed was the airport one, that he didn’t have many lines but just ran around . . .

SW01 (6) SW01 (7)Don’t think he can run around any airports now without being surrounded by fans.

Neither did I expect Jung Yong Hwa to be the Jung Yong Hwa I like now. I just found him handsome watching You’re Beautiful (Handsome).01sw1Sometimes when I think about what has happened all this time. It’s almost like a dream.

01sw2 01sw3 01sw4Things like money or popularity are not important. Having a dream, that’s what makes it possible for humans to “never stop”. “Never Stop” Pamphlet – (Yonghwa)

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