I went to see ma STAR ^_______^

The last time I saw Yonghwa perform live was Bluestorm HK. So it’s after a very long time that I attended Can’t Stop HK on May 17. I’ve been keenly watching fancams, TV shows and DVDs of those hundreds of CNBLUE concerts/performances in between and realize Yonghwa has improved tremendously, but I was still very shocked by what I saw and heard two days ago.

I don’t see the need to describe in words how good Yonghwa was. You must have watched fancams already. I don’t have the necessary vocabulary either. I’ve been a fan of Yonghwa’s powerful and versatile vocals since day 1, but I didn’t expect he could have gone this far. He just didn’t get tired singing at all. Up till the last song, the last note, he was the POWERFUL singer.

I was so happy that I got to watch him for two hours with my naked eyes. And I can tell he was HAPPY himself.

I really really appreciate he tried hard to speak Cantonese to get closer to the local fans. He did well. In a cute way. Instead of analyzing his music performance (I’ll leave that to other fans who can do better), I analyzed his Cantonese … by subbing what he said.

[Photo credit: Star HK | My audio recording]

When I closed my eyes and tried to sleep that night, I kept “seeing” him on stage playing the guitar singing, “feet dancing” while playing the piano, running around … and “hearing” him ask me “你哋  開唔開心呀?”

To ma STAR: 我好開心呀!

6 thoughts on “I went to see ma STAR ^_______^

  1. Thank you for your post. I also hope to attend Can’t stop concert….please please please….moon and stars align so I can be somewhere that they have concert this year. It’s nothing like the feeling of watching them live!

  2. it feels very good to read your post on yong n yes he has improved a lot and my admiration for him keeps on increasing.klaritia i am awaiting for your next post n hope it is soon cause i really admire u for your intelligent and wise words:-)

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