The Fighter

If you’re shallow and thin,
You can’t feel when people step on you,
But when you’re deep and wide,
The weight of every person,
Who jumps on your soul?
Becomes a heavy ball,
You have to fight,
To toss off.
I’ll take my chances though,
Even if it means I might get crushed some day.

Playing Nice


Actor Jung Yong Hwa is back! He will play the warrior Park Dalhyang in tvN’s upcoming The Three Musketeers. Reading the character description in the news today made me think the role is so suitable for him. On the other hand, I can imagine drama fans frowning, though I don’t understand why the heck some (just being too loud? not that many out there?) just don’t like or even hate his acting. Maybe they don’t know he was ranked No.4 among idol actors based on his performance in Marry Him If You Dare, or they think their opinions are more legit than industry experts’ judgement.

People say the more popular a star gets, the more haters he/she gets. I don’t know how true it is. I’ve been told not to be upset when Yonghwa is bashed/teased/criticized. There isn’t much a fan can do for the star, or he won’t know how much I care anyway. First, I never expect him to know my existence. Second, being upset is not about helping him or not. Say I cry watching some sad news on TV or feeling bad for an unfortunate friend, am I being stupid? It’s just that I’m not good at arguing with people that I don’t usually go out to debate the unfounded criticisms. In other words, I don’t know how to disagree with people politely. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my excuse when I say I worry if the backlash will reflect badly on Yonghwa himself. Could be I fear to be crushed in the process. Not that I have no confidence in Yonghwa; I have no confidence in myself. I always admire how Yonghwa responds gracefully and wittily to harsh comments on variety shows and all.

I shouldn’t talk about myself so much as the whole idea about this blog is my star, Jung Yong Hwa. He’s a FIGHTER! One has only to READ the lyrics he wrote all this time. He’s not a bit afraid. Crush him all you want. But ask yourself: WHY?

5 thoughts on “The Fighter

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  2. “I always admire how Yonghwa responds gracefully and wittily to harsh comments on variety shows and all.” Me too. I do get VERY annoyed when he is “bashed/teased/criticized”. While everyone has freedom of speech but to do it out of jealousy because their bias aren’t getting offers (tsk tsk!!) or feel that he shouldn’t stand out from the rest (as if these people don’t know that anything that Yonghwa does promotes cnblue DIRECTLY). I often have to remind myself of his “Real recognise real” phase; indeed directors and producers recognise his real talent in acting too …. so I shouldn’t waste time even to be annoyed with those “haters” & just let these haters drown in their own venom (negativeness).

  3. klaritia i have been waiting for your post n at last u are back. Yes yong is a fighter n that’s one of the quality fans like about him. I too feel very angry and sad about all the bashing he gets not only from other people but from the fans of the other members also. This so called fans should remember that at the start of their career yong put his all efforts in making the cn blue that it is today without taking rest for almost two n half years.sometimes i cry too when he is criticised infront of his member and on the national tv for not so good ratings of his dramas. Yong keep smiling n take care ofyour health as this coming month will be very busy for u n best of luck for your drama n i hope n pray that this drama become much successful n all the criticism u get for your drama ratings be stop from now on. And i may have hurt the fans of other members but i am just so frustrated at the moment so sorry for those comments.

  4. hi, i hope you don’t mind me writing something here.
    one of the things that i always admire about Yonghwa is how well he handles/faces those harsh criticism and bashing. and even when he’s down he doesn’t let it eat him for too long. he would come back up stronger than ever with more firmed determination.
    and i also love how he is such a considerate and loving person. he doesn’t throw back those bashing, instead he responds to them with kind words.
    i’m confident that he’ll continue to be a great artist, even greater than he is today, be it in music or acting because he is that person who pushes himself to be the best in everything that he does with everything that he is.

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