Against all odds

How do you measure success? To me, it’s not how much you achieve but how much opposition you face and the courage you maintain to fight against all odds.

Judging from episode 1 of The Three Musketeers aired two days ago, Park Dalhyang is definitely my hero in the story.

Yesterday, I read some very mean comment on fans of actor Jung Yong Hwa. It accuses us of blaming the writers, PDs, and co-stars when the drama ratings are poor but attributed the good response of the latest one to him. It further “predicts” that if this one flops too, we will just comfort ourselves that it doesn’t matter because our star’s main profession is a musician. What the heck?

I can’t speak on behalf of all the fans out there; I definitely do not think like that. I’m excited knowing The Three Musketeers seems to be well received because there’s this possibility that Yonghwa won’t be mocked again that all “his” dramas flop.

It’s funny that many people say Jung Yong Hwa should not be in dramas. Drama bloggers (and the avid commenters in the associated blogs) say his acting sucks. But why the drama love calls keep rolling in? There’s this explanation that he as an idol in the dramas will attract viewers, but I know a lot of people BECOME a Yonghwa fan watching Heartstrings in which he was brutally named just a cardboard by the same drama bloggers. One can argue that we do not have as good a taste as them or as sharp an eye judging good acting from the bad. Still it does not explain why Yonghwa managed to get a good part in a drama planned by a team which have gained lots of success. What irritates me more is some CNBLUE fans do not like Yonghwa doing dramas either. The other members can act as much as they want, but not Yonghwa. Double standard.

The fact that Yonghwa is still an actor up to this day is a huge success already, in view of all the odds said and not said.


12 thoughts on “Against all odds

  1. For me, YH is a very good actor and he doesn’t overact. His earlier characters in YAB, Heartstrings & MHIYD are not so well crafted by in the story but yet YH made those characters alive. YH is a very talented actor & musician and I think a lot of these “non supporters” of him have other baggages (ranging from jealously to angry fans of his memebers & more) so I wouldn’t take them seriously …. I constantly remind myself not to pay attention to these distractors as they have their own agenda. I remember that YH mentioned before he couldn’t understand why he got so many antis when he debut in cnblue after YAB drama. I think people know very well he is instrumental in the band success and so hope he will only work on music … I really find them very shortsighted as his experiences beyond the band are necessary for his music & the band to grow. I am so thankful (because he has to manage drama with music and I am confident he will manage well because hardwork & busy schedule is not something new to him) he took the role in TTM because apart from learning from/working with veteran actors/directors/production staff, it important he gets some fun beyond fnc/band activiities. Let’s just enjoy YH & Dalhyang …:-)

    • I agree totally with this fan. JYH is the complete entertainer…great singer , musician, actor……and great leader of CNBLUE. I love him as a singer first but he is proving to be a good actor, too! So fat, I like the first episode of TTM!

  2. I agree with u,Jung yong hwa put a lot of courage ,heart every time he is on drama..why do we always hate him ,complain on his acting giving bad comments,who are we to judge?why dont we accept the fact that he is indeed a true entertainer ,a musician an actor above all a good example ,a role model ,a leader who has a kind heart that helps people and giving hopes n dreams especially in africa …still do we have to hate him?

  3. for me yonghwa acting skill is not that bad, i even cry when i watch his previeous drama i can fell the emotion on his face, i don’t tink he suck, maybe bcoz his caracter in previous drama is so calm? and not to chalenging or robotic for some people? even when yonghwa improved so much in TTM i think ‘some people’ ehm can’t accept that, they are so blind, they are judging yonghwa can’t acting just because he is an idol that all, they don’t want eat they words haha ~ yonghwa acting is not SUCK! yonghwa fighting! dalhyang fighting! emotional angel fighting! *sorry for my bad english*

  4. 1. He being in YAB is not the main reason why ratings are low. Have the others considered the different factors other than him? Besides, mostly know that JYH character in YAB is like a “man with few words”. I think he also described his character like this. No more than 1 paragraph line, no scenes where he has to smile a lot. His character is stiff there, for Christ’s sake.

    2. He being the main lead of Heartstrings shows that he has potential in acting. Who gets the main role if you cannot see some spark in him? Maybe his drama critics would say, “Because he is an idol.” I beg to disagree. He is not just an idol. He is an artist. People in the same industry can see how talented and how great he is. Music or not. And have they checked again his character in HS? Nah. Because just like his first drama, he has to act cold and cool at the same time. And yet again, another stiff character given to him. (He surely pulled that characters off despite of him being the giggly Jung Yong Hwa in real life.)

    3. Sorry to say but MHIYD ratings are not because he is in the drama. I am JYH bias. And I absolutely adore him, But seriously, what kind of story plot is that? I, even myself, can’t absorb it. Yet, thanks to this drama. He finally got the chance to prove himself as an actor again. No more stiff character. He was again criticized because they are saying that he cannot act that’s why ratings are low. Is he the only character in that story? Have you ever checked this drama again? Its plot? Its story twist? Better re-watch it again And not just point out to Yonghwa.

    4. He rocks as PDH in TTM. Nothing more, nothing less. He is indeed a true artist.

    They can’t accept the fact that he surely can act despite what kind of characters they are giving to him. Give him stiff and cold character role, they are judging. Give him a more natural second lead character role, they are still commenting. Give him a period drama role, they are criticizing. What more else they will criticize? They should see how well he had pull off these characters.

      • Well said by everyone. Couldnt agree more. I cant understand why people have prejudice against him in acting. I just wish people could open their eyes to see the effort & changes that he put in for his acting passion as well as his music passion. He doesn’t earn those by having an IDOL labelled to his name. He earns it by his talents, passion & hardwork that brings him standout as a well-loved artist. He always gives 110% out to whatever he is doing. He is my bias & I will always support him. YongHwa “You’ve done well, Keep up the good job” – fighting!! I am always looking forward to more of Yonghwa’s music, drama & other his activities.

  5. People can comment anything about yonghwa’s acting skill but for me :
    1. I know Yonghwa from heartstring
    2. I am in love with Yonghwa coz heartstring
    3. Became hardcore fans CNBLUE coz Yonghwa in hearstring
    4. He introduced me to the kpop world although previously I liked the other kdrama’s actor
    5. Even my friends became cnblue fans coz i’ll give her dvd heartstring
    So… for me or other fans who also love Yonghwa coz his drama IS why we can love Yonghwa, addicted, even still hope to watch another yonghwa’s drama if Yonghwa’s acting is suck?
    Whatever others call us delusional but still the first impression saw him in the drama is the most influential. Sory for my bad english ^ ^

  6. I can certainly see Yonghwa developing into a all rounded entertainer. Though I am a big fan Yong’s voice, his singing, his stage, i feel that he should not be confine to just singing cos he has so much to give.
    The first time he MCed, it was a disaster. But that didn’t stop him. He honed his skills and now he can hold the fort.
    Acting may not be what he is best at. But we saw vast improvements over time, didn’t we. Yong is not one person who would just give up easily.
    For boice who oppose his acting project, I guess they really felt insecure knowing how important Yong is for CNBLUE.
    As for the rest, haters will always be haters.

  7. I came to know Yong Hwa first as an actor and then later on as a musician. He was good enough in YAB to steal some limelight from the male lead considering he was a total newbie. He stole my heart as the lead in Heartstrings especially when he lost his father and was so sad. He was full of emotions during those scenes and anyone who said that he can’t act with emotions must have closed their eyes or did not even watch the drama when they criticise. He loosened up even more in MHIYD and held his own against a more senior seasoned actor, and again some of those confrontation scenes were the most memorable in that drama. We have finally come to TTM and just 1 episode, he was able to convince many that he is a naive country bumpkin with a heart of gold. So to me, he is a good actor who tries hard at everything he does and takes up new challenges even when there are loud criticism.

    We may be accused of being blind or bias in supporting him as an actor, but there are professional PDs, directors, writers etc out there who believe in him enough to cast him in their dramas. So unless these critics think that they are better or smarter than these industry professionals, I wouldn’t even pay any attention to what they say cos they are just haters who refuse to open their eyes or minds towards YH.

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