Memoirs of Park Dalhyang. Volume I. Chapter 2

They were taking so long to discuss what to do with me. It’s okay that they would punish me. I wondered if such chaos had ever happened in the exams.02 (1) 02 (2)

But what would happen to Yoon Seo? That person… the Prince?… was laughing… And Father and Mother would be very disappointed with me.02 (3) 02 (4) 02 (5)02 (6) 02 (8) 02 (9)

Finally an officer came. I passed? Was put the last place and wouldn’t be assigned to any formal duties yet. 02 (10) 02 (11) 02 (12) 02 (13) 02 (14)

He told me I should thank the Prince who was the only person defending me in the discussion.02 (15) 02 (16) 02 (17)

I was thinking what to write in the letter for Father and Mother when the innkeeper came with a letter. He said two men on horses brought the letter. 02 (18) 02 (19) 02 (20)

Funny how he suddenly cared about me, saying it was raining and so he had made my room warmer. I mocked him for having changed his tone talking to me. He was very candid about that. Of course he was different. I passed the exam and he wanted me to “remember” him. 02 (21) 02 (22) 02 (23) 02 (24)

The Three Musketeers wanted to buy me drinks to congratulate on my pass. And it was also an apology, from the Crown Prince and two ministers, Heo Seung Po and An Min Seo. 02 (25) 02 (26) 02 (27)

02 (28) 02 (29) 02 (30)

I should write my letter to Father and Mother already. I wrote that I passed but lied that the King was going to give me the badge.

02 (31) 02 (32)

It’s not easy to fill the letter with more lies, so I paused and watched outside the window. 02 (33) 02 (34)

A woman was outside and asked if I’m Park Dalhyang. 02 (35) 02 (36) 

When I confirmed my identity, Yoonseo appeared in front of my eyes!02 (37)

I was stupid to ask her to come inside. Of course she shouldn’t and must leave right away after saying what she had to say. 02 (38) 02 (39)

I was STUPID to have waited for her? Didn’t she know I wasn’t the cleverest boy five years ago? Still, she said she wanted to marry me.

02 (40) 02 (41)

She was sorry that she couldn’t keep her promise, but things were not up to her to decide. “Don’t think of me again. The letter… I burnt it.”

For a split-second, I was sad that the letter I’ve treasured and read millions of times was gone. I was really glad that nobody could use the letter to threaten me or harm Yoonseo anymore.

02 (42) 02 (43) 02 (44) 02 (45) 02 (46)

Yoonseo was glad that I passed and thought my parents would be glad too. That’s the last words she said to me. I wonder if it’s wrong of me to even remember her face, her voice…02 (47) 02 (48) 02 (49) 02 (50) 02 (51)

I continued with my letter writing. I didn’t want to marry Yoonseo anymore, because there were so many pretty girls and Hanyang. I had the best day ever in Hanyang today that I wouldn’t be able to sleep.02 (52) 02 (53) 02 (54)

So I went to the place The Three Musketeers were waiting for me. Not exactly the kind I expected to meet with the Crown Prince and his friends.02 (55) 02 (56) 02 (58)02 (57)

Ah Minseo looked so happy to see me. But I didn’t come for celebration, I wanted answers.02 (57)

02 (59)

He explained that it was totally inconvenient for them to expose to strangers that the Crown Prince was outside the palace at night accompanied by only two officers. It was an accident that they met Dalhyang like that. When I didn’t understand why the two of them acted like friends with the Crown Prince. He told me how Heo Seung Po actually grew up with the Prince.02 (60) 02 (61) 02 (62) 02 (63) 02 (64) 02 (65) 02 (66) 02 (67)

As for An Min Seo himself, he was a child monk. The Prince heard about his helping fight enemies for the country in a war and went to the temple to “find” him. He followed the Prince ever since.02 (68) 02 (69)

Heo Seung Po came join us as he finished with the story. Must be he was too drunk. He carelessly slipped that the Prince and Yoonseo weren’t getting along well. I was so worried.02 (70) 02 (71)

But our chit chat was interrupted by the arrival of a group of people. They didn’t look like they came for fun at all. Min Seo and Seung Po turned very serious and quiet watching them. Seung Po went to spy on them. Then Min Seo said he needed to report to the Prince at once and asked if he could trust me giving Seung Po some backup when he badly needed it.

02 (72) 02 (73)

So I had my first assignment serving my country. I pretended to be drunk and went nearer to the room in question, spying.

02 (74) 02 (75) 02 (76) 02 (77) 02 (78) 02 (79)

A swordsman came later and he discovered Seung Po listening to the secret talk. The whole gang was trying to flee and Seung Po went after them. So I was alone fighting the one-eye swordsman.

02 (80) 02 (81) 02 (82) 02 (83) 02 (84) 02 (85)

The Prince saved me. Again. My pride prevented me from being thankful.

02 (86) 02 (87) 02 (88)

I had another round of one-on-one fight with the swordsman. I didn’t manage to beat him and he left the room. When I found him again, he had hurt the Prince and was on a horse with the woman who came with him earlier.

02 (89)

Crown Prince seemed very shocked for some unclear reason. The wound didn’t look serious. 02 (90)

I might be passing the military exam the last but I couldn’t let myself fail my very first mission serving my country.

02 (91) 02 (92) 02 (93) 02 (94) 02 (95) 02 (96)

But I was facing a whole army! All by myself. 02 (97) 02 (98) 02 (99) 02 (100) 02 (101)

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