Memoirs of Park Dalhyang. Volume I. Chapter 3

03 (1)It’s too late when I realized the horsemen were all aiming their arrows at me.

03 (2) 03 (3) 03 (4)My horse was shot and I quickly ran away from the rain of arrows. Lucky that they didn’t see me clinging on the horse the side facing away them. It bought me some time to think what to do next.03 (5)It was a long night hiding around from those Manchurian soldiers who wanted to kill me for no reasons. Well, reasons I didn’t know.

03 (6) 03 (7)Guess I looked like a walking dead arriving at the inn finally, for the innkeeper was pretty shocked that I was in rags all over again.03 (8) 03 (9) 03 (10) 03 (11)Good that he left me alone without too many questions and I was able to lie down in my room for some proper breathing.03 (12)But someone was outside soon enough, and I was on full alert again.03 (13) 03 (14)I made him explain who he was and what he wanted on my counting 3, aiming my bow and arrow at him.03 (15) 03 (16) 03 (17) 03 (18)Turned out he was Seung Po’s servant and he came to deliver a letter.03 (19) 03 (20)Seung Po apologized that they couldn’t look after me last night. And Prince Sohyeon’s injury had been taken care of. The servant told me that the three of them were staying at Choi Myung Gil’s house. My father’s relative’s relative’s relative was Prince Sohyeon’s teacher?03 (21) 03 (22)I still remember the first night I arrived at Hangyang when the Choi servant not letting me in. Wonder if he remembered me when I appeared in front of the Choi house again.03 (23)Seung Po and Min Soo were being reprimanded by the teacher and they didn’t even know I’ve come.03 (24) 03 (25)Prince Sohyeon saw me and teased me for not being able to handle the enemies alone. I admitted being inadequate, and returned the sword I “borrowed” from him.03 (26) 03 (27) 03 (28) 03 (29) 03 (30) 03 (31) 03 (32)03 (33) 03 (34) 03 (35)While Prince Sohyeon was explaining things to me, the teacher interrupted. It’s Prince Sohyeon’s turn to be educated. I somehow found this very amusing. Seung Po and Min Soo definitely thought so too.03 (36) 03 (37)Teacher Choi asked who I was. The Prince introduced me, and I proudly presented the letter my father asked me to give him.03 (38) 03 (39) 03 (40) 03 (41) 03 (42) 03 (43) 03 (44) 03 (45)I even had a little chat with Teacher Choi in private. It was an emotional roller coaster talking to him. From thinking he remembered my father to knowing he didn’t know my father… at all.03 (46) 03 (47) 03 (48) 03 (49) 03 (50)Most importantly, I didn’t expect the talk getting so heavy as it goes on. The country was at the verge of war but court politics were weakening our country’s ability to fight the enemy. He even asked me to think how I wanted to live my life knowing the odds in front of me.03 (51) 03 (52) 03 (53) 03 (54)As I walked around the market place, I couldn’t stop thinking… What I wanted for my life? Why did I even want to be a military officer? 03 (55) 03 (56) 03 (57) 03 (58) 03 (59) 03 (60) 03 (61) 03 (62)It was not difficult to remember where I should stand lining up for the inauguration ceremony.03 (63) 03 (67) 03 (66) 03 (65) 03 (64)Where was my confidence? I was nervous not because it was a solemn ceremony…03 (67) 03 (77) 03 (76) 03 (75) 03 (74) 03 (73) 03 (72) 03 (71) 03 (70) 03 (69) 03 (68)My new life began. I took the step.03 (78) 03 (85) 03 (84) 03 (83) 03 (82) 03 (81) 03 (80) 03 (79)While I thought I could finally have some quiet time thinking…03 (86) 03 (87)Seung Po’s servant visited again, bringing another letter, plus a slave contract.03 (88) 03 (89) 03 (90) 03 (91)Seung Po gave me his servant as a present. The servant, Pan Soe, totally had no idea before he came. He said it was surely a mistake.03 (92) 03 (93) 03 (94) 03 (95) 03 (96)I didn’t blame him for not wanting to live with me, though I jokingly asked if he was running away from his new master.03 (97) 03 (98) 03 (99)I was still staring outside the door when Pan Soe had long gone. I thought of the night when Yoon Seo visited.03 (100) 03 (101) 03 (102)I almost thought thinking hard could make something really happened, because I saw a lantern.03 (103)It was Prince Sohyeon. Could be he was joking, I looked so disappointing seeing him, like I was expecting someone else?03 (104) 03 (105) 03 (106)He explained to me why he didn’t find my shabby room uncomfortable. His father became the King one day and therefore he was the Prince one day. He wasn’t raised to be the Prince and after all these years, he still felt more comfortable outside the palace.03 (107) 03 (108)03 (109) 03 (110) 03 (111) 03 (112)I was so happy when he said his teacher said I should work with Seung Po and Min Soo, directly under the Prince himself. But he thought otherwise, my staying close to him meant I would see Yoon Seo too often… He had to joke about that all over again! Of course I couldn’t know if he was joking.03 (113) 03 (114) 03 (115)The truth was he had another position for me. I would work in the department responsible for dealing with the Manchu delegates lead by Yonggoldae. But the secret mission was to bring Mi Ryung, the woman I chased after the other night, to the Prince.03 (116) 03 (117) 03 (118) 03 (119) 03 (120) 03 (121) The day the Manchu delegates were to enter the Hanyang city gate, there was almost a riot. 03 (122) 03 (123) 03 (124) 03 (125) 03 (126) I didn’t expect to see Mi Ryung face to face so soon. Why did she smile at me?03 (127)I even asked the Prince what he would do if I successfully brought Mi Ryung to him.03 (128) 03 (129) 03 (130)Then I realized I was given a very difficult mission.


2 thoughts on “Memoirs of Park Dalhyang. Volume I. Chapter 3

  1. great cap! it’s like the title memoirs of pdh like your idea, btw i’m curious about what dalhyang will do woth miryoung for bring her to prince sohyun, miryoung is evil, becareful dalhyang?!

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