Mileage. Such a sweet sweet song!

I think the MV tells what the song is about so well. The lyrics are very cute, too. You should check out the English translation here to enjoy it to the fullest.

In the naver music post with Yonghwa and YDG’s video message, Yonghwa says the song is dedicated to all the guys out there earning mileage. I really love that the song is a “real” love song and about “real bromance”. Infinite possibilities from Yonghwa when it comes to music! And this comes from a full length Jung Yong Hwa album!! CAN’T WAIT.

PS Sleeping beauty cap enhanced. Mileage_SleepingBeauty

PPS Why the heck certain people aren’t talking about the song nor Yonghwa under the MV youtube? Should not care about a few party poopers. Sorry!

2 thoughts on “Mileage. Such a sweet sweet song!

  1. He himself definitely the one does/will earn a lot of mileage in his real love life. Such a sweet love which brings out romantic from daily practical care! Perfect, ideal yet so real!

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