Jan 07, 2012. BLUESTORM in Hong Kong, through my eyes, according to my ears, and from my heart.

The curtain falls. The ground begins to shake. My already thumping heart races even more.

Yonghwa: “Hong Konnnnng!” “Intuition” that I’ve heard literally hundreds of times sounds so new. “Ready N Go” is total fun to listen to and watch. I should mention that I love they dress casual. It’s CNBLUE, the rock band I see, not K-Pop idols at all. The way Yonghwa strums his guitar, head-bangs, sings … totally wild and SEXY. The drums are set on a raised platform, so we can have a good look at starry Minhyuk. When “Voice” begins, Jonghyun’s beautiful voice floods the air, along with his guitar sound. But I steal looks at Yonghwa, who’s passionately playing his guitar too. I wish I had four pairs of eyes so I could stare at the four boys simultaneously.

“Hello Hong Kong … L. O. V. E. …” Yonghwa doesn’t need to say anything, we just follow him chanting, L. O. V. E. in groups, from left to right. Jungshin: “Hello Hong Kong, nice to meet you.” Yonghwa: “Are you ready?” He keeps asking, maybe our cheers aren’t loud enough. Next comes Jungshin leading the first lines of “Love Revolution”. I can totally see why a music critic praised JS’s vocals at Countdown Japan. “Love Revolution” is almost a Jungshin song! “Kimio” is my favorite “Jonghyun song”, just because I prefer upbeat music.

Time for a little chit-chat. They say “We’re CNBLUE” in Cantonese, and each tells their names in Cantonese. They sound “weird” but totally lovely (to me). Yonghwa: “Finally we’re here.” I can’t decipher their exact words most of the time. But “I love Hong Kong” is loud and clear. Those few words are enough to steal many hearts.

I think our hearts all calm down a bit when the intro of “I will… forget you…” begins, so we sit down to enjoy the beautiful ballad. I think no other bands have a drummer who’s so loved. Whenever Minhyuk says anything, I hear “aw … oooo … hwa …” Minhyuk’s solo stage, “Star”! CNBLUE has four vocalists.

It’s the same VCR they played at BLUESTORM in Seoul, but the words are in English. If I hadn’t read fan talking about it months ago, I’m sure I would have cried watching it.

“Y… why…” with strings and keyboard accompaniment.

So happy to be able to listen to this live and know Yonghwa’s voice is alright now. I cried listening to audio of “Feel The BLUE” when his voice cracked. *Wipe tears*. Beautiful guitar sounds are followed by Jonghun’s sweet singing in “Eclipse/Love In the Rain”. I’ve reminded myself to pay attention to Yonghwa’s guitar solo part. And Yonghwa’s harmonizing with Jonghyun part is the highlight to me (but a little too short). “Because I miss you” !!! (Can’t think of words, so just the exclamation points.) Then Minhyuk thanks the string players, 12 boys from DBS HK (an elite boys’ school). The CNBLUE boys can collaborate with any musicians now? When did they rehearse? Just before the concert? Minhyuk also introduces the keyboardist to us.

Yonghwa says “一齊起身”, Cantonese for “Everybody stand up”. But we are standing up … maybe the audience at the back aren’t standing. Yonghwa: “Are you ready?” “Just Please” is the very first Yonghwa composition released. Listening to it live means a lot to me. “One Time”. “I don’t know why”. If they did the English versions instead, it’d have been more perfect for me. “Tatoo” is my favorite track in the mini-album BLUE LOVE. I particularly like the instruments parts. “Let’s Go Crazy” must have been the most performed. Next is “Now or Never”. Yonghwa: “Put your hands in the air!” Though my eyes are too busy already, a fan boy is around. Whenever I see him, his hand is up, and he’s moving with the music, probably cheering aloud too. Yonghwa says the next is their last song, “We can meet again in the near future, okay?” Then Jungshin introduces “In My Head” being their newest song. He thanks us for our lovely cheer. “You’re in my head, in my mind”. Jungshin’s English is good!

“Encore! Encore! Encore! …………………………” Actually we didn’t shout loud and long enough. They come out changed, in BLUESTORM tees. “I’m A Loner” isn’t my favorite but I always love Yonghwa’s facial expressions singing it. “Love” follows. They appear so “effortless” doing the two Korean hits. It’s totally satisfying listening to those live. I mean with live instruments! Oh, my! Jungshin’s solo part in “You’ve fallen for me”! I’ve fallen for Jungshin! I think Yonghwa’s feeling very proud singing the lines “You’ve fallen for me… you’ve fallen for me”. He and the boys feel that we love them?! Maybe we aren’t the best audience they’ve seen; most of us don’t sing along when Yonghwa wants us to. I think we’re kind of “reserved” compared to other fans they’ve seen. Yonghwa: “This is really the last song.” Then actually just chorus of “You’ve Fallen For Me”. Yonghwa: “We will never ever forget tonight. Thank you.” The “real” last song is rock version of “Love Light”!!! “Encore!” “Encore?” “Encore!” Another “real” last song. “Try Again, Smile Again”. When they play the studio version of “”, I know it is really the end. They stand together, bow to us and wave to us.

I don’t remember exactly when Yonghwa threw that towel soaked with his own sweat and probably spit too (for he put it into his mouth while his hands are busy with his guitar) to the audience .

He threw a pick as well. JH threw his towel and Minhyuk his drumstick.


The above report is pretty useless I guess, with instant tweets and even HQ fan pics and fancams flooding around right after the concert. (Just my impression scanning the tweets, haven’t been online much during the weekend.) I do this just for myself and maybe a few fan friends who say they like reading my posts.

Yonghwa mentioned they’ve come last summer. I saw them then too. But this is the real deal, a two-hour concert full of thundering drums, cool guitar/bass playing and passionate singing. I feel so complete as a fan after this concert. I’ve only seen them live for two times but I’m obsessed with fancams and concert audio recordings. I always hear fans say they’re improving day by day. I believe them watching fancams and listening to audios. But I finally see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears and feel everything with my own heart. Four as one! You really need to be there to feel their bond. Though Yonghwa is my ultimate bias, I must say Jonghyun, Jungshin, or Minhyuk is a complete package individually, in terms of looks, music talent and all. But together, it’s multiple times of charm that one feels. How to explain? In Japanese anime, there are these robot-like vehicles piloted by young, daring heroes. When they come together, they transform into a super robot with fantastic super-powered weapons and it becomes extremely resistant to damage. These four boys together is one super robot, if you see what I mean.

I dare not take photos during the concert. The pics above are taken from Apple Daily HK, except the last one. I recorded audio but my phone picked up the annoying clappers sound around. More importantly, I went with a few girls and their voices are there too. I see fans sharing full recordings, so maybe you don’t need mine. Anyway, I’ll edit some cuts and post later. For the time being, just “In My Head”. Look up for clickable links in the set list that follows. I’ll herperlink more when I have time for editing.

1. Intuition
2. Ready N Go
3. Voice
4. Love Girl
5. Love Revolution
6. Kimio
7. I will… forget you…
8. Star
9. Y… why…
10. (Eclipse) Love in the rain
11. Because I miss you…
12. Just Please
13. One Time
14. I don’t know why
15. Tatoo
16. Let’s Go Crazy
17. Now or Never
18. Never too late
19. In My Head

20. I’m a loner
21. Love
22. You’ve Fallen For me
23. Love Light
24. Try again, Smile again

PS To CNBLUE, from the bottom of our hearts, “We will never ever forget tonight. Thank you.”

24 thoughts on “BLUESTORM in HK

  1. Thanks for this. I was looking forward in meeting you but due to time constraints we didnt 😦
    I had the clappers but I didnt really use it since I dont like the sound? Prolly better if they could’ve used as a light stick. The people beside me used it as a light stick but just like you the recorded picked up the annoying clapping sounds~

    I cried during their VTR. They’ve worked so hard. Made me love them and their music more 😀 Ketch got YY’s towel last night. Christy said they smelled it lol there was no smell XD


    • So the dragon’s sweats don’t smell? 😉 My sweet heart is a heavy sweater too but I swear he doesn’t smell.

      I’m sorry for not looking for you. Next time!

      • Yes 😀 YY smells good even he sweats~~ MY HEART ❤ He already sweated a lot in the beginning.

        I still have the calendar with me 🙂 If you're interested in meeting up, do tell me^^

    • I think its better if it has a smell like his perfume! And you can associate that smell to yong every time you would smell it elsewhere.

  2. Thank you!! many friends of mine who are not hardcore fans went for the cons now totally understand I follow them everywhere.

  3. as one of the proud and happy readers of your blog, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, as always! 🙂

    I agree that seeing them live definitely transforms being their fan into a totally new experience. there’s something really fulfilling in seeing them thrive and rock together onstage. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wonder what they were trying to say to you…maybe I can “trascribe” CNglish. haha.

    love the YH’s pic with the towel in his mouth. I didn’t (or rather, couldn’t) really follow the flood of pix either, so this is my first time seeing that shot. cute XD.

    oh and thank you so much for the IMH clip! it sounds very clear to me. OMG the death metal version again. then he switches to normal voice so well. ha- never ceases to surprise and impress me. the collab with the HK school orchestra sounds so cool. wow. probably something new that they’ve tried this time.

    I must say the highlight of this read is your Japanese anime robot metaphor. hahahaha. I laughed straight for a good minute. 🙂 I imagined them doing those silly transformation dances….^^;;; excuse me.

  4. Woah. Thankyou so much for this post. I like your writing. Because we have the same point at this band. I used to not like kpop. But this the only exception. They’re rock band.
    I love yong hwa so much as well. But, like you said they completing each other. Reading your post make me feel i was there also. It would be better if bsjkt wasnt cancelled. I could feel what you just experienced 🙂

  5. Dear Klaritia..

    Honestly.. I cried reading this.
    I don’t know whether I’m “BOICE” enough for I have not seen them LIVE, not even once.
    Updating their infos and news on CNBStorm sometimes make me emotional.
    Thinking that I haven’t even seen them performing.. T__T

    I don’t know why but maybe I have no fate to meet them yet.
    Bangkok BS was postponed, so I decided to attend Jakarta BS.
    Even worse, the Jakarta concert was cancelled.
    I don’t know how much I cried that day.. being denied to see them not once, but TWICE.

    And so, reading this makes me cry again.. (I thought I won’t..)
    But please don’t take it the wrong way.. as I’m crying because I’m so touched.
    And hopeful.. Wishing that one day they will come to my place.
    And I can share this kind of beautiful fan account like you did.

    Thanks for your entry, dear Klari. ♥

    • Hey, Fizzy, of course you’re “Boice” enough! I always say I’m blessed that they fly to me. But I totally understand your frustration. *hugging you and wiping your tears*

      Thanks for your hardwork at CNBStorm all this time!!!

    • Aww. FIzzy eonni. Don’t be sad~ Don’t worry I’M SURE you’ll see them someday 😀 Don’t say that you’re not BOICE enough coz you’re doing lots of things to all the boice around the world through our site.

      Himnae and Fighting 😀


  6. Really..thank you for your fan account, i always enjoys your writing. I can’t wait to finally be able to watch and listen their live performance, to truly enjoy their music and become one with them..

  7. Thanks for your FA, k. I can understand totally what you’re trying to say, even though I wasn’t there. Happy that you had fun and happy that after so many fan accounts of so many people that went to CNBLUE concerts, all of them cam away amazed at their live concerts. The feeling is consistent. They are amazing live! I’m definitely making sure I go to one soon ^^

    • k got great seat didn’t she? up close to the stage, not to mention YY seemed to look directly at her when he threw stuff to the audience and when he’s got the towel in his mouth. a lucky fan, isn’t she?

  8. Hi Klaritia, thank you so much for writing this! You are so so so good with words! I can totally feel how the concert was like through your words! I attended their BS encore concert in Seoul. YH was running here & there. My eyes was so busy chasing him. He’s rule the stage! but of course JH, JS & MH were totally rocking it too. I want to listen to YH cute English..hehehe. btw. I heard MH english was the best!?

  9. kyaaaa.. thanks for praising my bunny ..thanks for sharing this fan account… i could say i totally enjoyed the concert… LIVE is totally awesome .. but idk know about the concert on 7th, on the 8th , I felt that the mic makes Yong2 and dimples vocal sound kinda weird… it is a spoiler … (*too bad Hong Hom is not for foreign bands to perform? T_T) .. anyway, i will just talk about your bias … kkk …
    Yong2’s fan service is totally daebak! I saw him waving to a fan in the front when his strumming hands are free for a second and most importantly he reacted to my 2 hands thumbs-up by returning his thumbs up sign in one of the songs which made me change my sign from rocker sign to thumbs up sign (cant rem which one though cos i was too high) … lol… he is so playful… that’s what i like about him .. (PS – disclaimer: there is no one else doing the thumbs up in front of me and i m kinda obvious when on tip toe and my front area is kinda spacious idk Y eventhough there is someone in the front)

  10. Before the concert I was so ready in writing a full FA of my first CN Blue concert, the no cam or recording and the sinister eyes of the security during the concert made it a little bad for me and lost my appetite in writing one. I guess you cannot have the best of both worlds.

    Nevertheless CN Blue exceeded my expectation! Those who said that CN Blue is a fake band can eat their own sh*t! (pardon the language).

    I have to mention Min Hyuk. I have to praise him for his drum skills. For a person which such frame I don’t know how he managed to hit those drums hard. Most drummers of rock band have bigger frame, but Min Hyuk can! Imagine 24 songs wonder where he get all the energy.

  11. Another thing that I may add is Yong’s laugh (I’m smiling as of the moment). There was an instance where he made a mistake and he laughed about it and continued to play. It was nice to see that other than performing for us or giving us a show, they themselves are enjoying.

  12. Thanks for this, Klaritia! Your account makes me relive the concert as I was there on the first day . . . and all I can say is “CN Blue just rocks!”. I wish I can watch them again.

  13. I fall in love first with TVXQ because of U-know Yunho.. And now i’m following CNBlue because of Jung yong hwA.. Thank you for posting this info. I really enjoyed reading this.. But this time jung yong hwa break my heart for not accepting the offer of his upcoming drama the HEIRs together with liminho and park shin hye.. I do miss him on drama.. I hope to see him soon.. Keep up the good work and continue posting about cnblue esp. Yong hwa oppa… Arigatou 😉

    • Thank you for reading. It’s always a pleasure talking about YH.
      As regards to the heirs issue, I’d like to point out that it’s very unlikely that YH himself declined the offer. It’s always his agency making the final decisions about such things.

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