He’s her spotlight

Kyuwon isn’t standing in the spotlight. But it’s her voice that moves and touches everybody. Shin’s surprised but not upset at all. Maybe he understands why she does that, he even smiles a little smile watching her.

When it ends and all cast are receiving the applause they so want and deserve, Shin walks to the back. He needs to shine a little light on Kyuwon.

“I’ve said you mustn’t cry in places that I can’t see, have I? Good job, Lee Kyuwon. Though you weren’t on the stage, you, are the best leading lady in my life.”

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Dreams have gravity

With the bad news that the musical was canceled, Director says he needs to go to the school to talk to the headmaster. Kyuwon wonders if it’s her fault again. Shin asks her not to worry, for Director will take care of things.

But Shin isn’t very sure of that actually. Director told him he would take care of things last time, but Shin only found him drunk.

Director comes back to tell the bad news to the students. There’s nothing he can do. He apologizes for his not being able to make sure their efforts aren’t wasted … It’s the end of the world to all of them. I mean to capture Shin’s hands below.

Shin asks if he should bring Kyuwon to see a SAD movie. “No.” “What about amusement park to ride the roller coaster?” “Now isn’t the time for that kind of things.” “I just want to let you cry or shout out loud where you won’t be seen and judged.” …

Shin tells her not to be too sad, she can always do another musical next year. But Kyuwon says things aren’t the same when Director won’t be around.

“Don’t you have a lot of good memories already? You captured the coolest guy in the university. This won’t be enough for you?”
“You arrogant brat!”
“I’m not being arrogant, it’s just a fact that I’m real handsome.”

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You can’t see love itself; you can only see love’s reflection

How long has he been holding her tight, till she finally replies to his begging?

“I’m not going … I said I’m not going … ”

So he can finally let her go … a few inches away from him.

Kyuwon asks Shin if the 100th anniversary musical is important to him. He says it’s important to him too. With her help, he’s been working hard on the ending song. He’ll regret it so much if his work will go in vain.

“But there’s something much more important than that.”
“What is it?”

“If you’ll get hurt by this, I have no problem quitting. It’s only meaningful to me if the performance is something that will make you happy.”

Then Shin asks why she didn’t tell him she’s seeing Director the other day. She explains that she wasn’t suppose to tell anybody. Shin argues he’s different from anybody. She says she didn’t want him to misunderstand. Shin says he isn’t the jealous type and asks her not to be like that again. Even if there’s something she thinks she shouldn’t tell anybody, she still needs to tell him. And she absolutely needs to let him know her whereabouts. She agrees.

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Feeling love’s keen sting

“Now, you’re in big trouble.”

Then Shin goes grab his guitar and sings ‘You’ve Fallen For me’, gazing at Kyuwon. I have no idea how she can be so calm! Just smiling at the lyrics. This boy sings her two songs and kisses her in front of everybody! Who has fallen for who now? And everybody just sway, clap, and enjoy The Stupid’s performance. I guess it means the couple have everybody’s ‘approval’ after all the drama.

They go home, hand in hand.

They have a little chat outside Kyuwon’s house. Shin asks if she’s afraid of her hair being pulled. She says she feels like wearing a swimming cap to school. He promises that nothing will happen and she believes him.

“It’s late. Go inside now.”
“No, I want to see you go inside first.”
“You first. It’s too dangerous.”
“How dangerous can that be? I just need to turn around and open the door.”
“You may get tripped by the door step. Never mind. Just go inside now.”

She turns around but then he calls her name …

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I want to hold your hand; I want to be your man

We can only imagine what happened right after Shin’s confession. Aww …

Because we’re on the next day already. Shin is waiting for Kyuwon in front of her house again. He’s gonna do this each and every day?! Even his feet are ‘smiling’. And he whistles.

He asks if she feels alright … and then takes out his hand. Kyuwon thinks he wants to hold her hand. But as her hand almost touches his, he moves it away and says, “Your bag.” Bad Lee Shin!

Kyuwon asks for his bike and he says her condition isn’t fit for the bike. Kyuwon’s happy with the explanation. This nice/mean/nice thing that many boys do really works for Kyuwon.

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Rejected. Still so in love. Starts all over?

Shin’s confession is so sincere to us fans but not to Kyuwon. “Do you like me?” She doesn’t expect Shin to answer anyway. “You don’t like me but still want me to like you? I think there should be a limit being narcissistic.” I’m sure Shin didn’t expect her reaction and is thus totally lost for words.

Kyuwon is so angry that she calls Bowon to ask her to bring her back to the hospital right away.

Shin is so confused and frustrated riding on his bike heading home.

His little sister needs his autographs (you still remember Shin is totally a celebrity to many?) for she’s used up her allowance.

Shin can’t help asking: “If a girl hears a boy say ‘don’t stop liking me’ to her, what will be her reaction?”
“She’ll surely say ‘Who likes you?’ … Oppa, that’s not the way to win a girl’s heart.”
“I didn’t say it’s me.”

I just love this brother and sister pair. They know each other so well and help each other out.

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Hearts do that sometimes, all on their own …

Shin just doesn’t care what Seokhyun and Kyuwon think, he’s in Seokhyun’s car on the way home. Seokhyun asks if they had a fight, for the vibe seems so odd.

Shin is so worried that Kyuwon’s grandpa will beat her up or something. He even asks if he should rush in if Kyuwon screams.

And he keeps reminding Seokhyun that he’ll be late for the show that he’s supposed to go watch with Yoonsu. Obviously he wants to keep Kyuwon to himself!

Shin’s little sister is curious if ‘pumpkin’ was doing good at the audition. Shin says she’s good but asks his little sister not to call her ‘pumpkin’ anymore. He even asks her to imagine how she’d feel if someone called her that. Ouch!

She doesn’t know her brother’s heart has been stolen … for she doesn’t get to see this smile.

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Love at second sight

The lost puppy just needed a shoulder to cry on. His tears and sadness are to be washed by the rain too. He sits there not waiting for anybody; he just needs to sort his feelings and pick the broken pieces of himself together.

“Was he that great? … How great was he that you gave up the man you liked?”
“That person … whenever he’s holding the guitar, he became a transparent person. Clothes, hair, shoes, I saw nothing. He just became music himself. Just like Shin, the you now.”
“Why? You don’t like him anymore?”
“Don’t I have you now?”

“Thank you. For letting us meet.”

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I love not the rainy days, but the eaves under which we took shelter …

I’ve given up convincing you Heartstrings is a beautiful drama. It’s episode 6 already and you should have made up your mind. So I won’t describe the scenes like you haven’t watched them. I assume you, who click my blog posts, like the drama, or you like Yonghwa or you think he’s not bad playing Lee Shin.

“Love is blind.” But love gives me patience to watch this drama carefully. I find the director and writers have the hearts to tell some heart warming life stories, about youth, about struggles in life, about love, about letting go … the emotions portrayed in it are beautiful.

Yonghwa loves rainy days. He wrote ‘Just Please’ during a rainy night when he couldn’t sleep. He said the sound of falling rain gives him inspiration. So he surely loves how this episode is weaved together by ‘rain’? I just love this still of Shin taking shelter in the rain, his hand reaching out to catch the raindrops.

I wonder if people still say Yonghwa’s wooden … he cries, he roars, he storms around in frustration/anger in this episode.

I’ll just post my favorite caps of Shin, scenes that I tried to capture in gifs and my random thoughts. Please don’t bother to read the rest if you don’t like Lee Shin. Below is made by a fan of Lee Shin’s.

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