where souls crash and loves collide. 1.

Thanks to catcher, for the cool title.

I have made two posts today (Sep 23) already, do you still need this? Maybe you’ve said everything you want to say to me. Do I still have anything to say? As a matter of fact, I have. All the time. Just don’t think other people will be interested. And catcher and checkinout say they like this open thread idea. I’m not trying to pressure them. Maybe there will be one or two out there too who are interested? Let’s see how things go.

That’s the idea. You’re invited to post videos, pictures or say things to me and each other (obviously about CNBLUE and Yonghwa). Feel free to reply to each other too, as you’ve been doing that actually. The post will be pinned and stay on the front page for the week. The essence is the comments. Your contribution. So readers, READ the comments.

Let me start the ball rolling. Making The Artist videos that document their debut story. Continue reading