Chapter 16: So that he has a better future

Seju watches how Mirae stare at the TV screen, like waiting for Kim Shin to say something. seju16 (1)Mirae angrily turns off the TV after some time. Seju doesn’t ask what it’s about but goes back to Ahjuma. “How come she suddenly fainted? Is there something else I need to know?”seju16 (2)“Ahjuma came from a faraway place… ” “You mean she came from the future? You really believe that?” “I know it’s hard for you to believe. But she’s like the twin sister whom I got separated from when little.”seju16 (3) seju16 (4)Seju thinks Mirae needs some rest.seju16 (5) Continue reading

Chapter 13: Love is a choice

The new board member of Young Geon Group, Park Seju, will be the new director of YBS. Seju introduces himself and says the board members must be shocked to see a person as young as their grandsons. seju13 (1) seju13 (2)It’s true that he gets the position just because of his grandma. But he has the quality that money or hardwork can’t buy — the spirit to take challenges. He has the goal to make YBS a world known media empire.seju13 (3) seju13 (4) seju13 (5) Continue reading

Chapter 12: He loves who he loves

Seju apologizes for having heard what Mirae has said. But he asks why she can’t SEE him? seju12 (1)He’s been around her all this time. Why can’t she choose him? He’s not right still saying such things to her as he’s said they can be friends. But he was so afraid that she would avoid him.seju12 (2) seju12 (3)Mirae apologizes for not refusing him earlier. She wants Seju to be her friend too. It’s her fault pretending not to know Seju’s heart.seju12 (4)Seju asks again why Mirae likes Kim Shin. Is it still about what Ahjuma said? That she’d be Kim Shin’s wife? Mirae says it’s nothing to do with Ahjuma. Her heart has been on Kim Shin’s side since the beginning.

Seju doesn’t let her finish. “I met you first before him. I like you first before him. If there’s really fate in this world. It’s that I met you, and I like you.”seju12 (5)seju12 (6) seju12 (7) Continue reading

Chapter 11: What about his hope?

PD Na tries to erase the odd vibe that Kim Shin created by saying, “I like Na Mirae too.”seju11 (1)

And asks who else likes Na Mirae. The other guys respond and sound all funny shouting and dancing. Even writer Bae joins to loosen the tension. Kim Shin says he’s not joking, but nobody listens.seju11 (2)

Seju is alone and Yukyung comes. She asks Seju not to think about what she said earlier. It’s not important. seju11 (3)

Seju says he’s sorry to have made her feel bad. But he can’t help asking what Yukyung like about him. And when it started.seju11 (4)

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Chapter 8: No, I won’t give up

“What would you do if that’s the case?” Kim Shin says he’d kneel and beg for forgiveness. Then Seju criticizes him for respecting only the powerful but not people like him who’s just a VJ.vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h35m41s88 copy vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h35m51s198 copyKim Shin calls him delusional and even suggests him visit a therapist showing him some hospital contact information on his phone. vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h36m22s228 copySeju says he’s seen a lot of delusional people since he came to the team. There’s one who thinks he’s still the “famous one”. Others randomly write something to get salary they don’t deserve. vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h36m59s102 copy He thinks differently now. Some people really need to go down. He thanks Kim Shin for making him learn a lot today. “Thanks for your advice, sunbaenim.” Seju bows and leaves.vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h37m36s224 copy Seju calls his personal assistant.vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h38m10s54 copy “It’s me. Think I need to get back to my original position earlier than planned . . . One month later.”vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h38m25s213 copy vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h38m47s166 copyMirae saw Seju on the way to the office. She waited to talk to him. vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h38m56s8 copy vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h39m05s104 copy Seju just greets her casually and walks. Not a bit enthusiastic seeing her.vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h39m18s228 copy Continue reading

Chapter 7: Winged Cupid seems so blind

seju07 (1)Seju and Mirae’s “moment” is disturbed by Kim Shin. He asks why they aren’t getting inside yet. Then Mirae has this phone call to answer. When Seju walks up towards the party room, Kim Shin stops him and thanks him for unlocking the water tanks. seju07 (2) Yukyung finally comes too. Her eyes can only see Seju now.seju07 (3)Taget locked. But it takes her some work. She pretends that there’s something on writer Bae’s shoulder that she needs to “take care” of so that she can secure her seat next to Seju.  seju07 (4) Continue reading