wishful thinking

When Yonghwa went to Busan for holiday last summer, there were reports of him playing basketball with strangers. One of the highschoolers actually posted on his DC Gallery about the encounter. Then many months later in Korean media interviews, Yonghwa expressed his interest in doing a sports drama if there’s the opportunity.

IMG_0004(the fnc vol.3)

But we know he isn’t doing a sports drama, one about TV network instead. In 2011 June, CNBLUE held a fanclub event in Japan. There was this question during the talk time. Each of the members was asked if he won a lottery of a hundred million yen, what he’d do with the money. Yonghwa said he would make a broadcast station to let bands play live. (But he added jokingly that bands better than them should not be allowed to play.)

IMG_0001(J fanclub event 2011.06.03)

Did he remember this answer he gave reading the script of Choice of Future? It’s wish come true in a way? And some Yonghwa fans’ wish really came true. When they saw a news photo of Yonghwa sitting next to Yoon Eunhye in a public event, they said the two would look good together in a drama.

Guess I should wish more . . .

the boy has shoes

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…

― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I always thought Yonghwa loves shoes. Even before he posted a picture of his room showing off his gear for composing (Oricon blog post dated 2010.02.25). DSC_0004

And in a Korean interview (Naver Music dated 2010.04.19), when he recommended 5 albums, one of which Kayne West’s, Yonghwa: “Kanye West is multi-talented. He even designed shoes, collaborating with the famous brand name, Louis Vuitton. What a chic star sensitive to trends and styles! He’s really an awesome guy; he’s the kind of person that I want to become, too.”

Do I have to remind you his glowing shoes became news when he arrived at Incheon airport coming back from the LA K-Pop concert?


And in the just released FNC magazine, there are these photos of him and his treasure.

YH01k YH02k YH03k
Read the translated JYH Q&A in the magazine yet?

What are shoes to you? – My assets, my treasure

Wonder where he would go with all the “exciting” shoes he owns…

How do you feel that your song is the title track? – This is just the beginning!!!


Warning: beware of adverb overuse! Bad grammar too.

Dangerously sexy. Adorably cute.

Wildly energetic. Heartachingly quiet.

He seems so confident on stage and on TV programs. But he revealed in an interview he feels insecure all the time. Random pics and random thoughts. Wonder if you know what I mean …

Yonghwa. A paradox.

More than the sum of all parts

Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.

He composes great music. He writes poetic lyrics. He sings with all his might. He rocks and charms on stage. He acts with his heart. The sum of all these is big. But I think the whole is even bigger than the sum of all the parts.

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The pics are scans from Heartstrings Japanese Guide Book. Zipped.

PS Quote from Flipped

[Scan] Trendy no.32

I’m a big fan of this Taiwan magazine for it’s interviewed CNBLUE many times and the interviews are all meaningful and totally lovely. Think I have translated almost all of them. I bought all issues with CNBLUE but haven’t scanned them at all, for a Taiwan fan usually scanned it when it’s out the first day or two. It happens she’s been busy and she just took some photos couple weeks ago. This issue is a cocktail of BS Seoul report and other “old” stuff, kind of like an AD for their Taipei concert. And the magazine has been blown up to 23cm x 33cm. The paper is thicker too. But it’s total pain to scan with an A4 scanner, having to stitch the pieces together.


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[Scan] Lee Shin posters

In my heart
It’s said that if one can get the piece of beautiful jade from the dragon’s hand, one’s dream will come true. Tonight, I’ll still wait for the dragon to appear in the night sky! But isn’t that piece of jade always in everyone’s heart? … I really think so. Therefore I’m always looking at my own heart, wishing my dream come true.

Yonghwa, Sensibility Dictionary #19 ~ Dragon (Pati Pati)

My translation based on Chinese translation by青瓜 @ baidu

Bought some A3 posters online. Scanned the good pics. Click to view full size or download zipped folder. Lunar new year present from me.

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[HK news article] CNBLUE ~ The talented and skilled with an idol face

This is a whole page news article in a Hong Kong newspaper, Ming Pao, dated Jan 11, 2012. I tweeted the photo earlier. I told you the paper is considered the most credible and accountable paper here. Intellectuals read it and it’s educators’ choice too.

I like the title already and the content is very positive too. Though there isn’t much new info that we as fans don’t know, I think people here who don’t know CNBLUE before will have a good impression reading this. I totally need to translate it. But I did it in a hurry and was to too lazy to translate the sub headings and photo captions. Please bear with my sub-standard English too! 


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CNBLUE HK news – concert

The CNBLUE concert is reported in 4 or 5 newspapers here. But most just use photos provided by TRiKs. I think Apple Daily’s article is biggest in terms of size (23cm x 33cm) and two of the pics aren’t seen elsewhere. I didn’t buy all the papers, just my guess from the online articles. Scanned the Apple Daily one. (2000×2970 px, 1.23M)

In case you like digital versions of the pics too.

This pic from Singtao Daily is similar to the Apple Daily one but there aren’t the names.

And there’s another Yonghwa biting his sweaty towel pic. 😉

Edit: found some HQ ones from sina entertainment. 🙂