How I make iPhone ringtones

If you’re using iPhone already, you must be familiar with iTunes. There’s a simple way using iTunes to do it. Many tutorials around. Just google for it. Here’s a good one.

But I like to make precise cuts, and add fade-in/fade-out effects. When I rip the audio from some video, I need to amplify it. So I use a free audio editor to edit the audio file. Audacity. Windows, Mac and Linux versions available. But it’s not that user-friendly however, check out the basics in the documentation section. And for iPhone ringtones, one must download the FFmpeg plug in. Check out the details here.

When the required audio cut is made, export it as m4a. Then change the file extension to m4r. That’s it.

BTW, I use various video editors to rip the audio from videos, depending on the video type. Virtualdub, Avidemux, xvid4psp, things like that.

Posting this because a friend asked on twitter.

What to do if your DVD player isn’t Region 2?

A tweeter buddy asks if I know how to play Region 2 DVDs. So a quick post to help others too if you have the same question. I’m running out of things to say anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My DVD player is all-region, so I don’t have the problem. But I duplicate some of my DVDs for some reasons.

If you aren’t afraid to install some freewares and experiment, follow the instructions in the following tutorial.

How to burn a DVD folder with DVD Decrypter

Of course you can rip the DVD into avi, mp4 or other video formats to play on your computer. I’ve introduced a freeware earlier already. In case you wanna try this instead. Click. But it’d be a waste if you can’t see CNBLUE live performance on your big flat-screen TV, right?

HTML to BBCode and vice versa

Forums use BBCode while blogs use HTML. I don’t usually care about HTML as I have never been keen in blogging.

But the last soompi upgrade gave me a big headache. Somehow the old posts became coded in HTML and I had a hard time editing some of my posts. The soompi help post didn’t help but a fellow soompier introduced a good online converter, Cool HTML to BBCode Converter. Viola! I could finally edit the Yonghwa thread post #1. In case you gotta edit your soompi posts too. Just copy and paste everything into the box and click ‘Convert‘. Then copy the BBcodes to the soompi post. As simple as that.

Maybe once in a while, you gotta post your forum post to your own blog. I just tried this online converter, BBCode to HTML Converter Tool. I was copying my Listen To The CNBLUE in Hong Kong recap post to a page here. (I’m so running out of things to say in my own blog!) For I want to keep everything the same, I don’t even need to edit anything. Check out the soompi post and the I Listened To CNBLUE page. They look exactly the same, the only difference being the font and the youtube links.

I bet many CNBLUE fans around post goodies in their personal blogs. May I invite you to share your goodies to the soompi thread too? Just use the converter to get the BBCodes and it saves you time. I’m not selling the soompi forum. There’s no reason for me to do this. But I really can’t afford to stalk everywhere for CNBLUE goodies; I have so many sites bookmarked already. Not all visitors and posters there are CNBLUE fans but that’s exactly the good thing about it. As a fan myself, I feel like I’m helping to promote the boys to people. And sometimes fans of other groups or shows post translations and pics and we fans got benefited.

PS Maybe I have actually introduced an even easier mean for people to hotlink images. Please don’t. That’s totally EVIL.

How to rip video cut from DVD

There are literally tens of ways to do it. But if you’re new to this and not particularly fuzzy about choice of codecs and video formats, I think WinX DVD Ripper is easy to use and the outputs are good enough. I’m showing you how the free edition works. I tweeted about the platinum version give-away in late October. Too bad if you missed that for that version has more settings. Anyway, the free version even works with copy-protected DVDs.

In case you still use DVD recorder to record TV shows and want to share the recording with others online, you can convert the DVD content to a single video file (avi or other formats) with this program.

Here’s the user interface (pretty self-explanatory already!) and default settings. If you aren’t conscious of file size, you can set audio and video qualities to higher values. According to my experience, avi is of much better quality than mp4 (Platinum version’s mp4 settings are better).

I’m using the YAB Director Cut DVD as an example. I’m gonna rip the part when Shinwoo made up that sloppy love story in Episode 13. (Feel like crying already…)
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HARDย subbing

Last week, a friend asked what softwares I’m using to sub videos. So I planned to tell more about this. I think you need some basic experience with subbing to understand the following. I don’t mean I’m an expert. I mean I’m not going to explain things from scratch.

I prefer hard-subbing, not because I worry that people will steal my subs. It’s just that I like playing with the typesetting; I’m a fan of fonts and colors.
Aegisub is a very powerful subbing software. I have even made MVs (not CNBLUE ones) with fancy karaoke effects with it. Plus it’s multi-platform freeware.

To show you what it can do, I’m subbing the X10 mini ucc video.

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Scanning thin magazineย pages – with example

I saw some magazine scans with awesome pics of CNBLUE shared by ardent fans yesterday.

I’m thankful to the fans who took the time to make the scans but I think they could have make those scans even more awesome.

Some tricks I learned from everybody about scanning.

1. Put a black sheet behind the page you are scanning. The see through problem will disappear immediately. (Maybe not 100%.)

2. Use the de-screening filter of your scanning software to avoid the moirรฉ pattern. You’ve got to use the advance mode for that.

I wanted to show you the difference by giving examples. Maybe tomorrow. Can’t spare time for that today.

Please try the tricks if you have magazine pages to share. Millions of thanks in advance.

PS Maybe your share your tips too?


I’ll show you how the black sheet can do magic. The Yonghwa pic on the back page is there as a shadow in the scan.

Put a black sheet at the back and scan again. The shadow is gone.

Just in case you haven’t got the scans of this very first Yonghwa pictorial from VogueGirl 2010 Jan Issue, download the 600dpi scans by me > Mediafire DL (34M)

You prefer smaller pics? (Not me :p)

Photoscape – Name to Gif

I was asked how to add a name to the gif when using Photoscape.

Hope the brief tutorial below helps. (Click the pic below to the full size to see the words more clearly.)

You can actually drag the text box on the pic to wherever you like after you’ve set everything and click OK in the window. When you’re happy with the appearance of your name, click ‘Convert All’.

Photoscape is a great freeware. It’s powerful but very easy to use. I’m lousy at explaining things. Sorry that I can’t provide very good tutorials for a lack of ability and time. Just click everywhere to experiment with the various functions. Nothing bad will happen.

Down Them ALL!!!

You know there were tons of CNBLUE pics around during their Asia Tour. You’re tired saving the hundreds of pics from a certain blog or webpage? I have used this Firefox add-on, DownThemAll, for many months but didn’t realize many people don’t know it yet. I’ve introduced this useful add-on to my CNBLUE buddies talking to them at twitter. Just in case you don’t know it yet.

After installation, you can access it from the Tools menu of Firefox. The following caps are from my macbook but everything is basically the same for Windows Firefox.

How is it useful?

1. For a site with pics in thumbnails when you usually click it to see the full-sized version for download, right-click the thumbnail to view a menu. When you click the blue-arrow one, a pop-up window will come out for you to save the full-size pic in a folder of your selection. Clicking the red-arrow one will have it saved to a folder already. But you need to select the path in the setting first.

NB. This works only if the thumbs are linking to a real link of the full-size pic, not another page with the full-size pic, like the case in facebook album or imageshack.

Sounds not that useful? How about when you can’t even right click?

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Cropping when using Photoscape to make gifs

There is actually cropping function in Photoscape animated gif. It’s just that it’s not free cropping, i.e., there isn’t a crop tool for you to select whatever part you want. You gotta align the frames to corners/top/bottom for that to work.

An example.

You can crop the upper part of the frames off as follows.

I want to see gifs of the boys EVERYWHERE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚