Yonghwa gifs x10

Everything began when I posted some Shinwoo gifs on the soompi YAB thread . . .

Didn’t talk much why or what I like about Yonghwa. And I started this blog writing “silly” tutorials on how to make gifs “my way”. Don’t know since when I began talking “too much”. Time to go back to “my basics”?

01s 02s 03s 04s 05s 06s 07s 08s 09s 10sOr you aren’t crazy about gifs at all? Watch the video instead . . .


Inkigayo Yonghwa MC Cuts (Part 1)

I thought I had collected all the Inkigayo HD cuts of Yonghwa as MC since he started in July 2010. Wonder if it’s my messed up memory or there’s something wrong with my hard disk, I can’t find some of the videos. Anyway, as a reader of my blog asked for the MC cuts and I myself absolutely love the videos, I am uploading them as much as I can manage with my collection and file hosting service space. Many thanks to the Yonghwa fans who recorded/cut/found the videos. I got the torrents from DC JYH back then.


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Shinwoo hyung

A post to commemorate October 7. It’s the third anniversary of Yonghwa’s Korean debut (as an actor).

Think I’ve said and posted enough about Shinwoo in the last three years, maybe not here, but on the Soompi threads, my video channels, my fan friends’ blogs … Though Yonghwa wasn’t the best actor playing Shinwoo, nor Shinwoo the best K drama character out there, Shinwoo was etched in my heart. The simple reason: through Shinwoo, I knew Yonghwa; after Shinwoo, I saw the multifaceted artist grow and evolve.

Does Yonghwa consider playing Shinwoo a rehearsal for his life after CNBLUE’s Korean debut? I can’t help comparing Shinwoo and Yonghwa sometimes … Yonghwa did compared himself to Shinwoo, in an interview (Mnet WideNews broadcast date: 2009.11.12, when he’s still filming YAB). In case you haven’t watched the English subbed version (proudly translated and encoded by me ;)).

Plus, some random Shinwoo pics to celebrate this day.

Prince in white. Wall paper sizes. |1680×1050 | 1280×800 |

The following two pics are 1280×800 pngs. Click for real size versions.

Shinwoo. hyung. forever.


Once I read an article about internet browsing behavior. The writer says people tend to focus on comments disagreeing with themselves rather than agreeing. Perhaps that’s my problem too. But hearing only what you want to hear is self-deceiving? So everybody needs to go for a balance, I guess.

I’ve heard enough people bad-mouthing Heartstrings. But I’m glad that Yonghwa seemed to enjoy the filming irrespective of all the difficulties he faced doing the drama. I read kind fans translating reports by filming crew members, as well as accounts by fans who visited the sets or just happened to see them film outdoor scenes. The common theme is: Yonghwa worked hard, had a very positive attitude, and was the cheerful soul throughout. Fans might be biased but filming crew members too? I heard the PD said good things about Yonghwa in the Japanese Guidebook when interviewed. Too bad I don’t see English or Chinese translations around. The next best thing is watching some filming BTS videos. He greets everybody arriving at the set, chats happily with co-workers waiting for his turn … after the last filming is done, he goes hug everyone.

Yonghwa, you don’t have to say it, many have fallen for you!

I don’t mean I want to influence anybody by praising Yonghwa all this time. Don’t think I have the ability. The talking just completes the enjoyment of watching this young and talented artist grow. He’s such an exciting person. A good person too. Don’t quite understand why he’s most bashed (compared to his bandmates).