Celebrate! #Happy24Yonghwa

@CNBLUE_4 Yonghwa, please say thanks to your parents on behalf of us, for giving birth to you and raising you, one of a kind.

I wrote a Yonghwa birthday post #YONGHWAinmyhead already, but am constructing another one. Just because I couldn’t post all the pics I’ve prepared for the trending party. (Twitter hated me last night! *angry*) Words just pop up in my head whenever I do the trending thingy. Cheesy words mostly but intelligent not-too-bad ones at times. So need to get them off my head …

Iridescent musician. Ardent performer. Whether you go to the concerts, watch the live DVDs, see the precious fancams or just stare at some still pictures, be prepared to be fully captivated.

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Jung Yonghwa: born to charm

Scheduled to be published on 2011.06.22 at 00:01 KST.


A list by Agent K (cover: just a fan)

His eyes. Not too big and not too small. Even his parents said his eyes were the main attraction the day he was born. His ‘bling bling’ (a synonym for ‘sparkling’, often used by him and his fans) eyes still stand out in the almost-faded childhood pictures. There are stars shining in his eyes (figurative description) when he’s on stage, as seen in concert DVDs and fancams. And he has learned to ‘talk with his eyes’ (discovered fact from the few seconds of Heartstrings teasers).

His smiles. There are a million variations (not to be taken literally). Very contagious.

He composes music. His fans just wow every time when he releases a new composition. It seems nothing can stop that ‘flow’ in his mind; he has made tunes and sounds of very variable styles when he was so busy with all sorts of performances and shows in his schedule.

He writes lyrics. His English lyrics are simple but powerful. International fans really appreciate his effort to relate to them. The Korean lyrics are beautiful and have depth (K’s impression reading the translated version).

He sings. His voice is a bit raw but versatile. A very emotional singer.

He plays the guitar. Playing the guitar isn’t his best skill but he has been improving all the way. He is a cool guitarist of this band too.

He is ambitious. His goal is to have CNBLUE’s music on the American Billboard Chart. He’s determined to be a better actor even though he hasn’t dreamed of being an actor. He never allows failure to beat him, exemplified by how he erased the bad name of ‘nuisance MC’.

His sense of humor. This is not so obvious in variety shows but in fan meetings and interviews. K had first-hand experience at a fan meeting.

He loves his bandmates. Even K was touched reading his explaining why he doesn’t want to become too-close friends with other artists (NAN recording dated 2011.05.20).

N.B. The list is subjected to revision as undercover operations continue.


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CNBLUE in tuxedo(tagxedo)

Sorry if you feel cheated clicking my tweet to read this post. I mean making 200 CNBLUE into a tag cloud with the app Tagxedo.

You can see the full-effect of the cool app when making the tag cloud at the Tagxedo site. The words will spin with your cursor hovering over them.

The background pic I’m currently using for my twitter account was made with Tagxedo.

I posted the following to the soompi CNBLUE thread celebrating Yonghwa’s birthday on June 22. Maybe you didn’t notice.

I’m supposed to be able to embed the word cloud with the player in my blog post but I still can’t.
Anyway, made 2 with all the track names of their albums.
Click the links to view online.